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Here’s How You Can Tweak Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine During Winter

The skin just refuses to win in winters. After all, the strong winds and cold air constricts blood vessels and reduce the skin’s moisture content. Furthermore, hot showers can dehydrate the skin further, which eventually results in flaky, chapped skin. Certainly, this season isn’t the best one to boost your complexion, but that doesn’t imply you can’t do anything to retain the healthy glow. Caring for the skin inside-out is vital.

Cleansing and moisturizing are musts, alongside incorporating basic wellness habits that should see you through the season. Stick to some basic healthy habits, like consuming fresh greens, getting adequate sleep every night, drinking good amounts of water, and, if recommended, taking a daily probiotic. Research suggests you consume these supplements to gain anti-aging benefits. From strengthening the skin barrier to balancing the skin pH- these supplements do all. But there are topical tweaks, too, that you must infuse in your winter skin regime. Here are a few of them.

Layer Of Moisturizers For Dry Skin

The emphasis during winters is to preserve moisture in the skin so that dryness doesn’t occur. Probably the moisturizer you use might not be the apt one, but keep applying periodically. Experts recommend that you should apply at least 3 or 4 moisturizers since the skin needs a change.

Besides, if you have dry skin throughout the year, one moisturizer might not prove enough. In that case, apply a hydrating serum (preferably with ingredients like squalane or hyaluronic acid) as the base layer. Simply top it off with a cream-based moisturizer that would lock in the overall application.

Opt For A Gentle Cleanser For Acne-Prone Skin

Sweating in summers is natural so that harsher cleansers can work for problematic skin like pimples and acne. That doesn’t imply you choose chemical-based infusions!

Stick to mild cleansers that would suit sensitive skin. But during cold, even acne-prone skin can be a hot ground for dryness. So switch to the creamier ones, which won’t make a lot of foam. But the texture is lotion-like. You certainly don’t want to clog your pores. Check for the exfoliating cleansers that are rich in ceramides and non-comedogenic.

This one basic change can produce a significant difference in your skin. You might not need the daily acne-preventive topical like retinoids or benzoyl peroxide. However, you will feel the need to moisturize throughout the winter months. Don’t get confused thinking moisturization will lead to oil production or breakouts. Remember, hydration and moisture building is equally important for acne complexions.

Use Actives Wisely For Anti-Aging

A dry and dull complexion can be a total turn-off! But it might just inspire you to start a regime or stick to a strict routine that would help you get back the lost glow. But before all this, begin with a few things. Choose a retinoid that will stimulate collagen production in the skin and get back the usual plump and radiance. Also, there will be a visible reduction of lines and wrinkles that you are currently battling with.

For starters, retinoids activate cell turnover. This aids in the exfoliation of the outer skin and brings back the fresher cells lying underneath. Dryness and irritation are common side effects of using retinoids, but you need to begin with a pea-sized amount first. Nowadays, most of the new ingredient is ‘bakuchiol,’ a naturally derived alternative to retinoid. This is skin-friendlier and eliminates hyperpigmentation and wrinkles by several notches.

Use Ointments Regularly For Flaky Lips

You will feel the winter’s wrath everywhere. From the toes to the hair- there is no way you can miss out on any part of your body. Chances are you are licking your lips a bit too much, thinking you are combating dryness. The reality is you are simply making it worse. Find ointments that would help you pile on the moisture in greater amounts. There are lip repair or lip therapy ointments that you can purchase from OTC stores.

Regardless of how strong the sun rays are, ensure you dab the sunscreen. It might seem that the winter sun is enjoyable, but the UV rays aren’t something you can overlook. So keep a scarf or a hat, and be mindful of your skincare. Remember that anti-aging products are aplenty, and you can easily drop by your nearest supermarket to get the products you need. Still, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle to keep your skin hydrated through the colder months.

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