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How To Give A Big Boost To Your Collagen, Which Could Make Your Skin Look & Feel Younger As You Age

Aging is a natural process. Whatever you do, your body will age naturally. It is not possible to reverse the process at all, but what you can do maybe is to delay it. Collagen is something that keeps our skin tighter and gives it a healthy and radiant glow. Unfortunately, as we grow old, we start losing our collagen and this is the time when we need it more than ever. Apart from our skin, collagen is an integral part of our body that helps construct the connective tissue and our skin too. We need collagen to avoid wrinkles, bad hair, brittle nails, stiff joints, and even digestion issues. Fret not, there are some simple natural ways to give a boost to your collagen though. Keep doing them and you will be looking a lot younger and fresher even when you are old.

Eat Foods That Are Rich in Collagen

Real food is what your body needs, as they can extract the nutrients faster from real food. Experts say that by the age of 50, women lose about 50% of collagen from their bodies. So what you need is to have them restored from other sources. It has been found that consuming bone broth daily does a world of good to your collagen. Ligaments, bones and bone marrows are packed with collagen, so using any of these from animals and using it in our food will help us revive our collagen. Unfortunately, plants and vegetables are not as rich in collagen. What you can do instead is include a lot of good fats in your diet, stay away from trans fat and keep yourself hydrated, which is intrinsic for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Include Supplements To Boost Collagen

To make things simpler, include a potent collagen-boosting supplement in your daily diet. Pure collagen powder can be a great source for protein for your body. When choosing a collagen supplement, keep in mind that marine collagen supplement is more easily absorbed by the body. If you are using collagen powder, you can easily mix it with your juice, smoothie or soup and have it in a capsule form. Apart from collagen powder, you can also include a supplement of Vitamin C in your diet, which helps in boosting the collagen.

Have Facial Massages

Don’t under-estimate the power of facial massages when it comes to collagen. Which means if you have been a regular at your local salon, ever since you turned 30, you did the right things and now you can reap the benefits too! Turns out it is not just the lotions you use but the right technique to massage your face, which helps in good blood circulation and tightens the muscles that make your face curvier. Regular massages can help lift, tone and tighten your skin, giving it a fresh lease of life.

Make The Right Lifestyle Changes

Finally, we can’t emphasize enough on having a healthy lifestyle that is always required for the well-being of your entire body and mind too. Hence, choose a better lifestyle. If you smoke or drink a lot, cut down or quit if possible, Smoking can devastate your skin and make you look older too. It is terrible for the collagen, hence when wanting to boost the collagen, get rid of smoking. Also to avoid trans fat and unhealthy oils, avoid from outside and try to cook at home. Choose your fats cleverly, don’t leave them out totally. Staying away from sugar helps too! Make sure you get a lot of sun, which helps keep the toxins away from your body.

One important thing to remember would be that nothing happens overnight. If you want your skin to look amazing even when you are 50, you can’t start taking steps when you are 49. You need to have good and healthy habits from a much younger age so that you can maintain a great body and skin when you are old. If all other ways fail, invest in some collagen cream and apply them generously on your face. However, they can be quite expensive and burn a big hole in your pocket! If you want to avoid that, now is the time, eat right, live right and age gracefully!

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