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Fast Anti-Aging Hacks For Men: How To Look Younger In Less Than Ten Minutes?

Is there anyone of you who wouldn’t love to look younger? There is probably none. However, not many have the intention to undergo surgery. In case you are one of those who are not at all prepared to go under the knife, you have nothing to worry about.

There are some key things you can opt for to accomplish a younger look. There are many wonderful products mentioned below and a host of tips and tricks that can be of big help. Though these won’t rotate the clock in the opposite direction, you will notice the d

Beard Makes You Look Older – Get rid of It

Your beard might make you look different from the rest and also helps in covering blemishes. There is no doubt that it makes you look a little older than you are. According to a paper published in 2012, beards add a few years to your age.

Another survey revealed that beards add up to ten years to your age. On the other hand, a mustache makes you look five years older, while a goatee adds four years to your age. So, get rid of your beard so that you can save some important years.

A Fake Tan Can Do Wonders

The tan that people get by exposing themselves to the sun can prove to be hazardous for your skin, owing to the ultra-violet rays. It also leads to premature aging. A fake tan can certainly weave magic for a man. Self-tan helps you by making the shadows even, hiding the dark circles and pigmentation, and giving a healthy and toned look to your skin. Experts in fake tanning vouch for it and reveal that it does a world of good to a man’s age.

It’s better to build the tan slowly instead of achieving it all at once. The two most popular products that help you in the procedure are James Read’s Instant Bronzing Mist and Patrick’s FS1 Crushed Diamond Face Scrub. You should apply a bit of moisturizer before the tanning product. If you need to shave the day you have had your tanning done, don’t forget to apply an ice cube on the skin after you are done shaving.

Get the Errant Eyebrows Done

Errant eyebrows can age a man. If your brow is tidy and properly shaped, your face gets a different look. Threading or plucking can is equivalent to a facelift without going under the knife. You will notice the difference for sure. If you have never tried this before, choose a professional brow bar like Sania’s Brow Bar in NYC. The service would cost you around $75, but you will get the results.

The number of times that you would have to visit a professional would depend on the growth and thickness of your eyebrows. It may be once a month or even twice a month. You can try out Tweezerman’s Brow Grooming Kit to take care of your eyebrows. As for plucking, do it after having a shower as your skin will be softer, and it will become easier for you. You can brush your brows into shape with Tom Ford Men’s Brow Gel Comb.

Don’t Neglect Your Neck

You are so focused on your faces that you hardly notice your neck. Your neck portion needs care. The skin there is thinner and goes through plenty of mechanical stress owing to the movement of your upper body and face.

Therefore, it’s always best to focus on your neck portion when undergoing a skincare regime. Dermalogica’s innovative Neck Fit Contour Serum and StiveVectin’s Tightening Neck Serum Roller are some of the best products. Both of them are quite effective.

Several cosmetic products are available in the market that is ideal for men’s skin. If none of these work for you, trying makeup is one option you have. A concealer can serve your purpose. The War Paint Concealer is a good product in various shades to suit skin tones of all types.

When you do ample research, experiment with products that suit your skin type, and make a pick, you can be sure that you will glow. And with consistent efforts in grooming yourself, you will see how you look naturally young in no time.

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