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Exercise Has Age-Defying Benefits Beyond What You Imagined

It’s undeniable that most older adults look frail and seem to be lacking energy. However, this kind of aging is certainly avoidable! The more researchers and scientists look at the evidence and conduct studies, the clearer it becomes – maintaining physical activity over your lifetime helps to defy the process of aging. It’s becoming evident that exercise defies aging on several levels, including a positive effect on the immune system and keeping it ‘young.’

King’s College London and the University of Birmingham Findings

According to research by King’s College London and the University of Birmingham, there seems to be a correlation between regular physical activity and ‘super-agers.’ Super agers display considerably lower rates of health conditions, morbidity, and a higher lifespan. The study compares cyclists with a non-exercising group. Besides that, a group of healthy younger adults was the benchmark for fitness.

The earlier belief was that the only significant lifestyle difference between subjects was the aerobic exercise they did. However, several research findings prove that male cyclists displayed healthier percentages of body composition, cholesterol levels, and higher testosterone levels.  In men, lower levels of testosterone have links to something of ‘male menopause.’ This is a condition that results from aging that can be slowed significantly simply by regular aerobic activity!

A Youthful Immune System

Studies into regular aerobic exercise show that there’s a clear link between immunity in order adults and aerobics. It shows that the immunity mirrors that of younger adults! This is especially interesting because it shows that the lymphoid organ that secretes immunity T-cells in the body begins to shrink once people hit their early 20s. It thereby produces fewer immunity-boosting cells.

Older adults who remain active over their lifetimes display larger thymus glands. It thus produces as many immunity cells as younger participants of the study! This means that maintaining physical activity throughout your life. You will have an immune system as healthy as those younger than you by several decades. It works this way, even when you in your sixties and seventies!

A Youthful Brain

Studies suggest that aging causes the brain to shrink. The shrinking brain has links to depression and poor memory, among other things. Recent studies show that frequent aerobic exercise can reduce brain shrinkage. It also keeps your brain younger and healthier as you age!

Research on adults who are 70 years and above shows that older adults who engage in moderate-intensity physical activity displayed considerably less brain shrinkage than the others. This could be an activity as simple as walking several times per week.  The latter were sedentary or did very little physical activity over the week. Also, the proteins that your body releases during exercise improves brain function and improve alertness and cognitive capacity.

Stronger Bones

One concern with the aged is the fact that their bone density decreases over time. Eventually, they face high risks of osteoporosis and poor recovery from fractures or broken bones. Well, with resistance exercise, or more particularly with a simple jumping exercise, the bone density improves significantly. A study team from Brigham Young University found that jumping 10 to 20 times a day improves women’s hip bone density.

This is more so for women around the age of 25 to 50 when they do it for 16 weeks. The bone mass density improved by a whopping 75%! When it comes to regular resistance training, the effects on bone density are also positive. Research shows that the force of the muscle pulling against the bone is enough to stimulate bone growth even in the event of moderate stress placed on the bone.

The majority of people in the age group of 65 and above do not meet the moderate to vigorous physical activity of at least 150 minutes a week. However, researchers hope that their findings on the benefits of exercise on aging will encourage people to become more physically active. A Harvard Alumni study suggests that men who engage in regular exercise could increase life expectancy by two hours for every hour of exercise! Do you want to enjoy age-defying benefits? Then it would help if you started exercising right now.  Remember, it’s better late than never to get on the fitness track!

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