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These Are Eight Daily Habits That Are Causing You To Age Faster

We are sorry to tell you this, but there are some things that you are doing every single day that are drastically affecting the rate at which you are aging! If you feel you look older than your years, you are likely responsible for exercising one of these bad habits. Take a look at the many things so many people are doing each day that make them appear older than they actually are:

Following a Low-Fat Diet

If you’ve taken up a low-fat diet in your efforts to slim down or be healthier, you are probably pretty proud of yourself for your new habit. However, the healthy fats you are skimping out on in your food are the very fats that will keep your skin soft and supple. Oily fish, avocados, and yogurt are healthy fats that you shouldn’t remove from your diet. Of course – too much of anything is a bad thing, too.

Using Straws

Sipping through a straw may feel ultra-cool but the problem with straws is that you have to purse your lips in order to drink through them. Depending on how often you do use a straw, you will likely have a problem with wrinkles forming around your mouth from repeatedly pursing your lips! This is the same type of wrinkles you notice on women who are heavy smokers after years of smoking cigarettes.

Sleeping On Your Side

If you haven’t been sleeping on your back, it’s about time you started. Sleeping on your face has been shown to increase wrinkles on the chin and cheek area. Lying on your back is the best way of keeping both your face and your decolletage (for women) looking youthful and supple!

Having Poor Posture

It may be difficult to believe but consistently poor posture may actually lead to permanent deformity. Slouching is definitely not good for your backbone, and damaging positions for long periods of time result in fatigue of the muscles and the bones that support your posture. Don’t cause unnecessary tension in your body by neglecting your posture – poor posture can make you appear many years older than you really are.

Overexposing Yourself to Heat

Artificial heat wreaks havoc on your skin. This is because artificial heating causes the air to become dry over time, and if you sit with the heater or air conditioning on all day, you may find that your skin appears more aged and dehydrated than usual. This is a quick way of losing the plumpness and moisture of your skin. The drier the air, the drier your skin. And the drier your skin, the more prone to wrinkles you will be!

Depriving Yourself

If you’re in the habit of saying “no” to everything you crave, you may be stressing yourself out. Studies have shown that people who enjoy the food and treats they like in moderation are much happier and more stress-free than those who consistently deprive themselves. So if you’re looking for a chocolate bar or a slice of cake, go for it!

Getting Too Little Sleep

As an adult, you need a  minimum of seven hours of sleep for adequate rest. If you happen to get too little sleep, you will actually shorten your lifespan. If you begin noticing weight gain, lack of concentration, or fatigue, it’s best to hop into the sack earlier and get adequate rest. You will most certainly appear more aged if you don’t sleep enough.

Only Applying Sunscreen During Vacations

It has been proven that the leading cause of aging is exposure of unprotected skin to the harsh UV light of the sun. If you think you are safe from UV radiation when it is cloudy, you are mistaken! Clouds actually mask only 20% of the UV radiation from the sun, leaving the rest to infiltrate your skin and cause aging. Be committed to your bottle of sunscreen every morning, and you won’t need to worry about aging in the sun. Choose a high SPF face cream if you aren’t keen on applying two separate products.

Aging is definitely something none of us can avoid, but there are many habits and things that we do that greatly slow the effects and keep us looking younger for much longer. Change your habits today to look and feel great!

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