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Common Lifestyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Many 90-year-olds can still run and drive, and some younger people than those who have mobility issues. Although we try all the tricks in the book, we still commit some diet harakiri or other lifestyle mistakes that can make us look years older than younger. Yes, we end up making those mistakes without knowing that these are mistakes. So, let’s find them out and banish them from our lives forever.

Wrong Food Choices

You will speed up the aging process age when you eat all the wrong foods or eat a calorie-heavy diet. Make intelligent food choices, and eat the right foods to nourish your body with the right nutrients.

By that, we mean eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, grass-fed meat, and more. To control the calorie intake, limit the intake of processed foods packed with extra salt, sugar, and many additives.

Never Skimp on Sleep

If you skimp on sleep day in and day out, your body will start to suffer. Sleep is one of the primary components that can make you feel healthy, happy and help you lead a productive life. Sleep recharges you to face a hectic day ahead. Missing out on sleep can make you vulnerable to lifestyle diseases and also make you look older. Weight gain, cancer, diabetes, and wrinkles, yes, missing out on sleep is a sure recipe for disaster.

Doing Too Much Cardio

While optimal exercise is right for you to look good and feel younger, too much of it can do just the opposite. It can distress your overall system and lead to more inflammation of the body. It can accelerate the aging process. Doing excessive cardio can also make you lose muscle mass, and with that, you lose the firmness and plumpness of your skin.

Instead of too much cardio, you can settle for shorter bursts of cardio. You can opt for strength training that can help you build muscles and look younger. Remember, more muscles can equate to plump and youthful-looking skin.

Not Drinking Enough Water

When you are dieting, you tend to eat less and exercise more, leading to dehydration. When a person skimps in calories in general, you may forget that you are not drinking enough water and may not feel satiated and replenish your body. Apart from that, you’re also exercising and may lose water with the excess sweat. You can also start feeling the effects of dehydration in your skin, which has an aging effect.

When you feel dehydrated, your body will start pulling off water from the tissues in your skin to maintain good concentration in your blood. This will make your eyes look sunken, and your skin will start looking dryer. Dehydration also makes your skin look a lot less elastic, which mostly happens with age. Dehydration will also hamper the natural process and, in turn, can accelerate the aging process.

If you are on a diet, ensure you are still eating deeply hydrating foods but are low in carbs, such as cantaloupe, strawberries, cucumber, lettuce, and skim milk. You can drink a lot of water. Maybe you need to drink more water than usual. This can be a healthy habit to teach, and when you combine it with a healthier diet in general, you get great results.

The US Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have revealed that drinking enough water, about 11.5 cups of water, is just right for you, and that includes coffee and tea count too, but ensure you also drink plenty of plain water along with the other beverages. A good rule is to drink plenty of water before any workout you do. This will make you your leanest best and also make you look younger.


It’s not just about incorporating the right habits but also doing away with some bad habits. Avoid these mistakes to you way younger than your real age. It’s your lifestyle choices that ultimately matter, and you need to ensure you look younger. Also, when you feel good from within, you feel good and automatically look good. Simple rules to live by, yet they are so effective! Tell us what the best anti-aging routine you follow is? Write to us in the comments section below.

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