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Celebrities Who Have Openly Spoken Out Against The Anti-Aging Culture

Aging can often come in the way of success, at least in the tinsel town. Women, for the most part, usually come with an expiry date. Sadly, it’s the truth, and some of the most famous women from Hollywood, too, have faced this grim reality. Over the years, our Hollywood beauties have been victims of ‘relentless ageism.’ Now they are using their star status to voice against the industry’s stereotypical ‘anti-aging’ requirements. And, of course, we applaud them for this. Here are a few of them who deserve mention.

Rachel Weisz

This actress has strong views about aging procedures and techniques. For example, she says there should be a ban against Botox injections for actors and actresses using it. This is because steroids are for sportspeople! Adding further, she said acting focuses on expressions, which can be harmful with the continued usage of these high-end, unwanted methods.

Natalie Imbruglia

Imbruglia spoke in 2015 about how she’s proud of her years and does not ageism to ruin her image and value in the entertainment industry. It’s outright disgusting how one can be in Hollywood, and most others can raise their eyebrows learning about someone’s age! She’s proud at 40 and perfectly fine. Now that five years have passed already, we wonder if she’s alright!

Cameron Diaz

Being young forever is simply out of the question! She considers herself not a superhero or someone who can age backward, so she has no regrets either. In an interview with ‘The Pool,’ she said how aging shouldn’t be frowned upon. It’s normal, and that makes actors similar to the masses. Instead of fretting over it, adopting the correct policy would embrace the changes.

Diaz feels she’s valuable and has more to offer someone who doesn’t have her experience. Also, as a whole, women must know how to celebrate their roles- like that of being mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, and friends. They have contributed much in their lifetime, and they must honor themselves, rather than punishing with petty stuff or pulling down and judging fellow women.

Hellen Mirren

While being interviewed by ‘Allure,’ Mirren spoke at length about her issues with the term ‘aging’ after working with L’Oreal. Anti-aging implies that actresses are getting older! But the focus should be on looking and feeling great, exactly how they did earlier. So this feel-good factor must be present on an everyday basis. But she also mentioned how everyone should understand that they can do exactly what they want. So if they wish to go in front of the mirror and reach out positively, then that’s the reality. No one must feel miserable.

Salma Hayek

In one of her interviews with ‘New York Times,’ the popular actress said that the actual reason for not dyeing her hair is her lack of patience. She can’t sit through the entire process! Also, she hates the idea of spending the remnants of her youth where she has to pretend that she’s younger and wasting a significant part of her life mulling over such a thought. That way, she wouldn’t be able to enjoy life either.

Jennifer Aniston

In the interview with ‘Yahoo,’ the ‘ageless’ Aniston admitted that Hollywood pressurizes women to adhere to some set beauty standards. But she mastered a few lessons from her fellow stars. She has witnessed most women resorting to different techniques of staying ageless, and all these have been lessons for her.

She learned a lot from their mistakes, which is why she never injected anything into her face! Seeing them, she’s often heartbroken. They are only trying to stop the clock, which speaks volumes about their insecurities and inability to deal with a very natural part of life called aging.

Christy Turlington Burns

Christy told ‘Elle’ that now that everyone is into anti-aging, she’s completely opposed to it. She out a very nostalgic spin on the argument about anti-aging, stating that the face is a map of the life we’ve lived. So the more it contains noticeable signs of what we gained, lost, and learned- the better!

Aren’t their thoughts wonderful? Maybe it’s time you stop complaining about aging and embrace the natural beauty we all are. It is important to look beyond the physical scars and signs of aging and appreciate the years of experience and memories that come with aging. What do you think?

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