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Can Peptides Really Do Wonders For Your Aging Skin?

Peptide seems to be a much-talked-about component as far as anti-aging skin care is concerned. Collagen as a term has indeed garnered more popularity, but the importance of peptides cannot be overlooked either. Peptides function as ‘building blocks’ to constitute collagen, alongside elastin fibers. But that’s not all. According to scientific studies, peptides are responsible for managing skin wrinkles and reducing visible signs of aging. But the question lies where exactly are these peptides and how exactly they benefit the human skin.

Peptides Play A Key Role

Before we go into the finer details, it’s the amino acids that make peptides so effective in anti-aging skin treatment. Peptides are made of amino acids that are strung together and help in the building of proteins in the body, including skin collagen. Peptides that make way for a new production of collagen also work in the same way for elastin fiber creation and they, in turn, add to the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Also, peptides are of paramount importance when it comes to the structure and function of the skin, including the texture and the overall look it imparts. Simply put, the deficiency of peptides will not only impair the working of the skin but will also affect the enzymes, and hormones, thereby hampering overall bodily functions.

Peptides In Skin Care

If peptides are created naturally within the body, why do we need to add more of them? This is because 1% of collagen is lost every year after a person reaches 30 years of age. This happens because the skin’s natural process of communication slows down with time.

What happens is peptides are viewed as ‘signals’ that aid in the process of healing which instruct the body to produce more of it and replenish the loss when the need is felt. So if the skin tends to age prematurely, the peptides send a signal to the skin to boost collagen production, alongside hyaluronic acid. The skin not only looks radiant and plump but essential elements are restored as well.

Not All Peptides Are Equally Effective

As much as peptides are required, not all are equally beneficial for the skin. Few prove to be more effective than the others. For example, the carrier peptides are responsible for providing trace minerals to the skin which, in turn, helps in amplifying the production of collagen. Also, enzyme inhibitor peptides slow down the skin’s natural ability to break down collagen.

On the other hand, signal peptides provide messages to different sections of the brain that activate and promote elastin, collagen, and other vital proteins, while neurotransmitter peptides, which are akin to Botox, stop the chemical release leading to contraction of the muscles for expression lines which, in turn, reduces wrinkles as well.

Ways To Get More Peptides

If you are keen on getting the glow of your skin back, you should try and get topical skincare items that are a great source of peptides. The challenge lies further in finding the exact product for one’s needs. Opting for a peptide-infused cleanser is a waste that tends to wash off, so the best alternative is products like serums, moisturizers, and creams that will stay for a long period.

Even products with ample copper peptides generate collagens and also maintain the level of collagen. The best ones are those that have moderate to high amounts of vitamin C, antioxidants, and niacinamide, in addition to the existing peptides. Ironically, some researchers suggest that copper can be toxic to human skin, but these researchers mostly talked about pure copper, not about copper applied in the form of peptides. However, you must consult a dermatologist before choosing any specific product.

How To Make Peptides Work?

No peptides can work if a healthy routine is not followed. To take proper and balanced care of your skin, you must follow a proper diet plan, get good sleep, and follow an anti-aging skin care regimen by using products that are rich in the required ingredients, including peptides. Instead of frittering away money on expensive but useless products, the correct measure would be to follow up with an anti-aging skincare expert who would help determine the exact requirements of your skin and recommend products accordingly.

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