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These Are The Anti-Aging Skincare Products Kate Middleton Reportedly Uses

For the most part, Kate Middleton chooses to stay ‘tight-lipped’ about her secret to glowing, radiant skin. Her beauty routine is not a simple one! But what constitutes the super-lavish regime is of prime interest to her fans (and critics alike). She rarely brags about her beauty routine if you have seen her interviews with the press.

Surely, that’s not something to feel great about! Several media outlets discussed with INSIDER sources to unravel the secrets of Middleton. Surprisingly, nominal priced products and cosmetics stay preferences for her. For fans who clamor to discover what the Duchess of Cambridge uses to maintain her oh-so-perfect skin and hair every time- here are a few things you ought to know.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette

One of her real close sources had once divulged the Duchess is quite fond of the popular Naked Palette by Urban Decay, in eye shadows. It costs around $54, and neutral shades look great on her face. The palette offers a rich assortment of rakish golds, rich browns, warm ambers, as well as shimmering bronze and copper eyeshadows.

Karin Herzog Products

Long back in 2010, Vogue had once reported that Middleton swore by Karin Herzog, one of the famous Swiss skincare brands. And this brand loyalty had developed in her when she was just another student at St. Andrew’s University. Her favorite products include Oxygen Face ($65) and Vita-A-Kombi-1 anti-aging cream ($75). The former can kill all acne bacteria and clear out blemishes. Besides, it will also help keep the skin hydrated treat conditions like rosacea, discolorations, and even out clogged pores.

Kerastase Shampoo

There are rumors that Kate sticks to Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax Shampoo. And there are doubts, and no such source we who came up with this piece of information. But most people would find it amazing to learn that a $37 shampoo can produce such a lustrous, shiny mane. If you’re someone who has ‘dry and rebellious hair, then give this a try.

Two Nail Polishes On Her Wedding Day

Those who have done their research well might know that Queen Elizabeth loves her Essie nail polish priced at $9. Middleton oo follows in her footsteps! The Royal manicurist Marina Sandoval had said that she had given a ‘special mixture of colors,’ which Middleton sported on her wedding day in 2011- namely Bourjois’s no. 28 Rose Lounge ($5) and Essie’s Allure ($9).

Rosehip Oil During Pregnancy

Since discolorations characterize pregnancy, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, and fine lines- the Duchess and her mother were said to have resorted to the Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil ($29). The oil acts as the perfect sheath and a great natural anti-aging treatment.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

When she was pregnant, Kate had swapped the spray tans for the Bronze shade on Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick ($48). If that’s not enough- Bobbi Brown sent a qualified makeup artist who assisted her wedding party on the big day in 2011. This report came from Marie Claire, so no questions should arise!

A Signature Scent Is A Must

When she was about to marry Prince William, Middleton sported the famous white Gardenia Petals scent ($100). The very creator of the fragrance brand Illuminum had confirmed this report. Reports also came to the open that Kate is highly passionate about her everyday perfumes.

She usually sticks to the Orange Blossom Cologne by Jo Malone ($130). She was so finicky about her fragrance that she made sure that even the candles at the Westminister Abbey have the same fragrance as she walked down the aisle. It was much later that people got to know how the company itself was part of the royal wedding right from the start.

Kate is famous for her simple, understated, yet effortless beauty. She owns her makeup, and her wedding day was one of those days where she sported several cosmetics from the very brand. As long as we came to know her, a style influencer – Kate’s choices are highly accessible and feasible. Her fresh-faced style will always be one of the chief aspects of her anti-aging beauty regime. Which of these fashion trends do you already follow? Do you plan on embracing a few of the products that the Duchess of Cambridge uses? We believe that every woman deserves to look like a princess, so if you enjoy makeup, go on, indulge. And if you haven’t yet stocked on most of the items she prefers, there’s still time!

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