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The Anti-aging Secrets of the Cher Who Makes Seventy Look Like Fifty!

Who would think that Cher is now in her seventies? She looks almost similar to the woman who made her debut in the ’60s. The Armenian American beauty shot to fame with the song, I Got You, Babe. She continued to rule the charts for decades picking up several awards such as Grammy, an Emmy, an Oscar, and three Golden Globes. We would certainly like to know more about what keeps Cher reverse aging like no other.

She Still Kills it at the Gym

Cher can still sing and dance in her seventies in heels. While Cher tries hard to maintain her body and works out five days per week with a trainer who keeps her on her toes. However, she admitted that she has to work twice as hard to look the way she does.

She can still maintain a five-minute plank and beat anyone half her age. While others may want to know about her antiaging secret. In a book released way back in 1991, she shares that her hard work is the secret to her looks. She still keeps it fun, though, as she includes workouts such as surfing, walking, and Wii Tennis.

She Follows A Plant-based Diet

Cher sticks to a diet that excludes greasy bacon or fatty burgers. The Grammy-winner has admitted that she steers clear of red meat. She also avoids high-fat dairy and other oily stuff. In that case, she even says no to everyone’s favorite cheese, as it is hard to digest.

She chooses the good carbs and sticks to sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, and Caesar salads. Cher also stays away from refined sugar and sticks to unrefined sugar in the form of fruits. Brown rice, legumes, and veggies are her other healthy food recommendations. She keeps things simple and believes plant-based foods offer a lot of nutrition and are easier to digest.

 Smoking is A Complete No-No to Her

Smoking not only leads to certain cancers but can also lead to heart disease and weight gain. So, although Cher used to smoke in her youth, she quickly kicked the habit and felt much better. Since she believes in sticking to healthy habits, she realized she had to give up drinking. She also admitted that she never did like drinking. Cher realized that the vices never quite agreed with her health and chose to give up on them. She stays away from parties and may only indulge in drinking thrice or four times a year.

Her Skin Secrets

While exercise and healthy eating form the crux of her antiaging regime, she makes it a point to take care of her skin. She has a friend in Dr. Barbara Sturm and makes the best eye cream and face wash that suits her skin. Cher is fond of Jan Marini products too. She is partial to Proactiv products too, no wonder her skin still looks the way it does. However, she does not have a strict skincare routine, she changes products from time to time. But she ideally sticks to the brands she relies upon.

She is Honest About Her Cosmetic Surgeries

Although she has admitted to getting work done, she does not understand people’s preoccupation about going under the knife. She has been open to the kind of stuff she has done. Cher believes people should do what makes them happy.

She is a perfectionist, and if she is not happy about how her nose is looking on the big screen. And she believes she can change it. When she used braces, it changed her entire look. Cher says she would like to look vain as long as she can. She does not care if people consider her vain.


Well, if Cher looks the way she does, it’s only because she has worked hard to look the way she does. She asserts if someone wants to take care of their health and beauty, the onus is on them to work hard and make it possible and not rely on anyone else.

She developed adult acne in the seventies and strove hard to fight it. Discovering Retin-A was a complete game-changer for her. It has helped her fight acne and fights fine lines and wrinkles. Whether in her forties or her seventies, Cher continues to be a complete diva, and we are sure she will continue to be so in the years to come.

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