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Anti-Aging Hacks to Look Younger in Your 40s

Fine lines, gray hair, loosened skin, and other physical changes will happen for sure with age, even more so as you cross over the 40 years mark. However, gone are the times when aging scared women. Now they are not running away from it but are embracing it and calling it “aging gracefully”. Adopting a few changes in lifestyle and taking some preventive measures in your 40s can be helpful in slowing down the aging process.

In this article, we will discuss some tips which will aid you to look and feel good, because when you feel good it reflects on your face and body language.

Protect your skin from the sun

Sun damage accelerates the aging process and can even cause cancer. As you age, the skin gets thinner and more prone to harmful effects of pollutants and other environmental factors. One leading source of damage in this case is the sun. No matter what the color, age, or gender is, wearing sunscreen is essential to protect the skin, especially in the late years of life. There are multiple SPFs available in the market which not only protects the skin but also act as a makeup foundation, hydration, and oil controller.

Visit OB-GYN

After 45 years of age, it becomes essential for women to visit an OB-GYN annually, especially one who is an expert in dealing with menopause-related queries and issues. They should also get mammograms and pap smear tests done, to make sure there is no development of breast, ovarian, uterine, or colon cancer. Also, they should ensure their lipid profile, blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol tests are done regularly to monitor if there are any disturbances happening in the body so adverse consequences could be prevented.

Get enough sleep

It is vital to take 7-8 hours of sleep every night so that your skin and body can restore and regenerate themselves and have enough rest. Lack of sleep causes dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkles which makes the person look older.

Drink sufficient water

Dehydration dries off the skin which could lead to early aging signs appearing on the face, for example, wrinkles and dark spots. Also consuming enough water help to improve energy levels and brain function. The best way to stay hydrated is to have enough water in the morning and carries a water bottle everywhere along.

Eat a balanced diet

The diet should include all the vital nutrients, minerals, and proteins to make the body and brain function properly. However, with age, the need for calories reduces to maintain body weight, so it is recommended to eat in controlled portions and consume more fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protein, low-fat dairy products, whole-grain cereals, and healthy fats.

Exercise regularly

At least 30 minutes of exercise, either walking, yoga, or any other exercise should be included in the daily routine, to improve the blood flow in the body and brain and also to maintain the body weight.

Take care of mental health

Near to menopause and after menopause, women face a lot of hormonal changes due to which their mental health deteriorates. Women need to look after their mental health by spending time with their loved ones and friends and adopting habits that they like. Even then, if they are unable to manage their mental health, they should seek a professional guide.


Make-up is the weapon of every woman through which she can enhance her beauty and look younger. The following are some makeup tips to help:

Life and Lightened eye make-up

Eye make-up is the most important part of the whole face make-up, to do it correctly and to lift up the eye; don’t follow natural eye contour as it will cause a droop. Instead, blend eyeshadow up and out towards the outer corner of the brow.

Also, thick eyeliners should be avoided; instead, apply the liner to the upper inner lash line to frame and define the eye.

Apply contour correctly

Contour or bronzer should be applied beneath the cheekbone and jawline and should be blended outwards. This provides a great definition of the overall face.

Avoid putting excessive powder

A big mistake which generally people do, is they put a lot of powder on their face, which reflects a dry and cakey look. Instead, use a very light dusting and a hydrating product to hold skins moisture.


The best way to deal with aging is to accept it and your 40s are the ideal time to do that. With the help of a few adoptions in lifestyle and make-up strategies, women could slow down the aging process and make themselves look younger.

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