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How Amazon, Walmart, Dollar General & CSV Are Changing U.S. Healthcare

Retailers are quickly becoming major players in the healthcare industry. Giant retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Dollar General, and CSV have all been making moves to influence the way healthcare consumption is handled in the U.S.

Matt / Pexels / In an unprecedented move, American retail giants are becoming big players in the healthcare industry.

Here is how each of these companies is attempting to transform the ways Americans access and consume healthcare services.


Amazon has long been positioning itself as a major player in the healthcare space with its acquisition of PillPack in 2018 for $753 million. The company also launched its Prime Health marketplace earlier this year, which allows customers to search for discounted medical supplies and home-based health services.

In addition to that, Amazon Care, an on-demand virtual care service, is available to certain employers who have signed up for the service.


Walmart is making some big moves in healthcare as well. The retail giant is rolling out its own virtual care platform and launching an innovative program called Health at Home that provides care to patients in their homes.

Recently, the company also announced a series of partnerships with major health systems to provide customers with better access to primary care services.

Andrea / Pexels / Global retail giant, Amazon, is playing it big with the healthcare industry – making healthcare essentials more accessible than ever before.

Dollar General

Dollar General is investing heavily in providing quality medical care at a low cost. The giant retail platform is introducing retail clinics inside select store locations. Similarly, it is partnering with CVS Health to offer preventive screenings and basic medications at discounted rates.

Thus, the company also launched Prescription Savings Club, which offers discounts on generic drugs.

CVS Health

CVS Health has long been a leader in the healthcare space, offering a wide range of services, including pharmacy, retail clinics, and walk-in health care. The company recently announced plans for its Health Hubs, which will be located inside select CVS stores and offer comprehensive primary care, screening services, diet counseling, and nutrition classes.

Prain / Pexels / In a partnership with CVS Health, Dollar General is all set to revolutionize the healthcare industry – making it convenient and easily accessible to everyone.

These giant retailers are making massive investments to reshape how Americans access and consume healthcare services. By leveraging their scale and resources, these companies are creating innovative solutions that can make health services more affordable and accessible for everyone. This could potentially revolutionize how we think about healthcare consumption in the U.S., leading to better outcomes for patients nationwide.

Thus, the moves made by Amazon, Walmart, Dollar General, and CVS Health demonstrate that these companies are serious about transforming the healthcare landscape in the U.S. With their combined efforts, they have an opportunity to make a significant impact on how Americans access and consume healthcare services. So, it will be interesting to see what other innovative solutions these giant retailers come up with as they continue to invest in the healthcare space.

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