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Why Are People So Obsessed With The “Mythological” Fountain Of Youth?

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of mythologies about age. And rightly so! Since the inception of humanoids, our ancestors have always been obsessed with living longer lives. “Eternal youth” was something that was on trend in Greek during the 4th, 5th, and 6th centuries BC.

Herodotus, an ancient Greek philosopher and historian, claimed in the 5th century BC that he has found something that he called the “healing river.” He referred to a fountain in the barren land of Macrobians. The Greek historian argued that there is a fountain that turns old aged people into young energetic lads. And his revelation became popular in Greek during the 5th century BC.

Wikipedia / In the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great claimed that he had found the “healing paradise river” and so did the legendary King Prester John.

During his reign, Alexander the Great – one of the greatest conquerors in history – claimed that he had found what he called the “healing paradise.” The king was referring to a river somewhere in the barren land of Macrobians. To put things into perspective, Macrobians were people who lived relatively long lives during the 4th century BC.

Following Alexander the Great, another legendary king – Prester John – also claimed that he has also found the healing river. Essentially, the king was referring to the same thing that was introduced by Herodotus – the great Geek historian. However, it is essential to note here that this revelation was later in the 12th century during the Crusades.

BBC / During his reign in the 12th century, the legendary king Prester John claimed that he also found the “healing paradise river.”

Similarly, the same legend became popular in Japan. And in the later years, the legend made its way all the way to the subcontinent of India. Even today, the mythological fountain of youth is still a widely believed myth in India.

Does the ‘Mythological’ Fountain of Youth even exist?

Today, we have a much-refined view of the universe, thanks to the advancement in science. With the passage of time as science progressed, scientists questioned the existence of the fountain of youth. Does it even exist, they asked?

Thus, science has come to the conclusion that this ‘healing’ river does not exist. Instead, it is a myth that was propagated in the early days. And the reason for its popularity?

Well, back then, people used to believe in mythologies. In fact, in ancient Greece, there were numberless myths, legends, and omens that people used to believe in. But today, science has proved that these have nothing to do with reality.

Witch Talks / Science has proved that the fountain of youth is a mere figment of the imagination of our ancestors.

If this legend was true, those kings would have been alive today. Alexander the Great and King Prester John – who claimed to find this mythological fountain – are gone now. Thus, it is to prove that the fountain of youth is a mere figment of the imagination.

Why people are so obsessed with the Fountain of Youth?

Apparently, it is because of the illusion of age. Anti-aging is something that our ancestors have been yearning for – for centuries. And the quest for living a long life still continues.

And this is why people are so obsessed with the Fountain of Youth. Similarly, the trend is very likely to sustain itself in the coming centuries.

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