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These Celebrity Couples Are Living Proof That True Love Exists No Matter How Famous They Are

Hoda Kotb and Joel Schiffman – 6 years

Hoda Kotb has been all over the media for a pretty long time, owing to her fabulous anchoring skills. The American television personality and journalist happens to be the co-host of Today, a morning show on NBC News. Prior to that, Kotb added quite a considerable sum to her bank account while working as a Dateline NBC correspondent.

After going through a divorce in her 3-year marriage to Burzis Kanga, she has been in a relationship with Joel Schiffman since 2013. Hoda loves to call their chemistry absolutely natural and one of the most amazing ones she has ever experienced before. She is confident that this alliance will last a lifetime, and we completely second her on this. We pray she finds all the happiness she deserves.  

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