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Stars In Their Cars – An Inside Look At Your Favorite Celebrity Cars


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It comes as no surprise that renowned Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, is a fan of cars and motorcycles. With a long list of action films under his belt, the Mission Impossible star is incredibly fond of his impressive collection. While we can only drool over the sight of high-end cars and wish we had one of our own, Tom can purchase one without breaking a sweat, all thanks to his $570-million net worth. In fact, he owns one of the fastest cars in production — the Bugatti Veyron. This sleek car allows Tom to cruise around town in style to the envy of onlookers. When he’s not in the mood to be cooped up in a car, he can choose to ride any of his nine motorcycles! With this collection of toys, Tom Cruise can easily forget the woes of the world.

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