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Top Reasons Why You Need Accident Health Insurance!

If you have medical, dental, and vision insurance, you are safe and prepared to handle medical emergencies. Is this something that you strongly believe in? Well, not entirely. Even the best health insurance may leave you with medical debts, unexpected costs.

Just a fall can land you in big soup, land you with medical debt, unexpected expenses, stressful days, and nights. One trip to the ER can cost you about $1,233. Even after you get back home, you might have to shell a lot of money on follow-up care and medicines. Luckily accident insurance can help you get more money in your account and pay the medical bills even before it hits your mailbox.

What is Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance provides cash benefits for injuries caused by accidents. These cash benefits are useful in making copays and deductibles. Much like disability insurance, your accident insurance policy should pay you cash benefit whether the injury happened onsite of a job or outside it. It can provide you with a one-time, lump-sum payment that can help with designated accidents such as concussions or broken bones.

It’s more of a supplemental plan, which you can use in conjunction with, a regular health insurance plan. The money you get from the accident insurance comes from a check addressing you and not your doctor. When you file the claim, it can get processed within ten days, and you can spend the money the way you want. Are you still wondering whether the accident insurance is right for you? Well, here are a few reasons why you need it.

You Should Always Be Ready for Emergencies.

We may think that we are invincible and never meet up with an accident, but accidents are very common these days. There can be car crashes, falling on your back by doing yoga, or slipping on the driveway. The list goes on. The U.S emergency rooms get around 30 million visits annually because of sudden injuries. Ensure you consider accident insurance for the whole family. Also, kids have a greater chance of getting affected, so you need to plan for their safety.

Accidents Can Put You Out of Work.

If you are in an accident, you may require to take off from work for follow-up treatment. In some cases, you may not be able to work because of broken bones or having problems driving. So, in cases like this, there are chances of income loss. And you may need extra cash for the same, and the insurance money will help you in this case.

With Accident Insurance, You May Get Maximum Coverage.

As long as you are continuously working, you can get coverage. That is, you won’t have to tick the questionnaires box or undergo biometric exams to get coverage. This is particularly helpful if you have a pre-existing medical condition. You may even get portable coverage. Portable coverage means that if you happen to change your job, you get to retain your plan. You can call an accident, insurance plan administrator to know more about this plan.

Accident Insurance Does Not Only Cover Injuries.

Some of the plans include many benefits such as ancillary benefits such as paralysis, accidental death even blindness. The extra protection that accident insurance provides can help save you from financial uncertainties in a sudden accident.

How Do You Apply for Accident Insurance?

Many employers offer insurance such as accident insurance as a part of many benefit packages, making it easy for you to apply. You can apply for it with the help of your employer. It can even help you save your time and, of course, money. Buying through your employer may help you choose with ease.

It is the only option you have, so you don’t compare or look for more options. You may even auto-deduct the premium amount right from your paycheck, and hence you do not have to bother about paying a monthly bill. Also, since it is from your employer’s office, you may even get a discount that you may not get otherwise.

Accident insurance is your best bet to avoid a financial emergency. Most accidental insurance offers hospital stays, medical exams, lodging, supplies, and final expenses. Explore your options and go for one to seek a financially secure future. Know all the details, to cater to its specific needs.

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