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The Real Deal on Retinol – Is it the Best Anti-Aging Treatment Ever?

Retinol is the ‘gold standard’ as far as anti-aging treatments are concerned.  Most celebrities swear by retinol, and it offers wide-ranging benefits right from unclogging pores to easing away wrinkles. But is retinol products the ultimate product for your face? Let’s find out more about retinol. The fat-soluble derivative of Vitamin A. Retinol is available mostly in foods such as milk, oily fish, and liver, which helps maintain your skin health, improves your immune system, and protects against infection. Retinol or retinoic acid is approved by dermatologists for also treating acne.

It falls under the category of a group of vitamin A derivatives, more popular as retinoids. While retinol has almost the same benefits as retinoic acid, it is weaker and less irritating. Since retinoids are stronger, you need not use them to reap their benefits. Also, retinol is way cheaper than retinoic acid, and also it does not need a doctor’s prescription.

The Benefits

Well, there is no end to the benefits of retinoid as it stimulates collagen and speeds up cell turnover, so you get smooth and youthful skin. The product’s effectiveness depends on the one you are using, whether it is prescription or OTC. It also keeps your pores clear, and hence you will break out a lot less. It can even brighten dull skin as it exfoliates on a cellular level and produces bright and smooth skin. You can also get rid of age spots and sunspots and even out your complexion in the long run.

The Side Effects

Since it is a powerful ingredient, it can make the skin redden or peel. And in some cases, it can turn your skin flaky and dry. Flakiness, dryness, and cause you to breakout. Ideally, you need to gradually introduce the retinol to your beauty routine to ensure you do not overdo it. You start by using it once a week and then slowly move it twice a week to get the best out of it.

Prescription vs Non-Prescription Retinol

The prescription-strength is what sets it apart from one another. And of course, the potency and its capacity to get absorbed into the skin. Also, retinol that you get from over the counter, interacts with serums, creams, and enzymes when applied to the skin and gets converted into retinoic acid.

Who Can Use It?

It is always better to prevent skin aging problems than try to reverse them. There are no side effects for kids or teenagers who use retinol. But a good skincare routine can help prevent that and increase confidence, another secret perk of retinol.

How Does It Work?

It belongs to the retinoid family. It neutralizes free radicals and may cause collagen damage to your skin. Your body will naturally start producing less and less collagen as you start aging. Retinol can help preserve the collagen by stimulating even more collagen and thicken the skin layer where wrinkles grow. So, the already existing wrinkles can appear as smoothened over, also delaying the formation of more wrinkles.

How Long Before You SeeThe Difference

The effects of retinol or any other anti-aging treatment for that matter differ from person to person. Everything from your age, skin type, to product dosage impacts how sooner or later you see a difference. However, we can say for sure that you would see a significant difference in just 12 weeks or three months.

But remember, you need to use the product religiously and follow a healthy lifestyle too. Also, it is essential to know that more is not better when it comes to retinol. It may produce disastrous results. Start slow and gradually work your way up. It is not necessary to always use prescription-strength retinoids to see results. Like everything, slow and steady is what will help you get there, youthful-looking glowing skin.

When it comes to skin, no one product can help you get youthful and gorgeous skin. A combination of factors can get the skin you always want and keep you that way, such as good night’s sleep, exercise, eating right, and leading a stress-free life! Retinol is just the icing on the cake. If you do all the rest of the things right, retinol will work and your face will start glowing all over again!

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