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The World Health Organization Has Just Declared Burnout to Be An Official Disease – Here’s What You Need to Know

In a world where everyone is running after their goals, it is hard to spot someone who believes in resting more than hustling. Even, if they do, they are often touted as ‘lazy’ or ‘lethargic’. But did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has very recently declared “Burnout” to be an official disease? If you feel exhausted all the time or harbor feelings of negativism or cynicism about your job and also can’t perform according to your abilities at the workplace – chances are, you are suffering from Burnout. This term is exclusively associated only in an occupational context. However, it is good to see that the world is finally recognizing it because it means steps will be taken to stop it as well. Several other mental conditions have made it to the list of the WHO and will be implemented starting January 2022. Here is what you should know about the new science of restful living.

Seek Rest

Rest is not equal to sleep or being lazy. Rest is when your brain is working with non-challenging activities. It helps the subconscious mind to be more active, which leads to a lot of creativity. For example, when you are going on a long walk, you will be able to think about the various problems in your life and even find a few solutions that might work out for them. This also helps in restoring the mind and body. Which is why it is important to seek rest actively, no longer making it a passive activity anymore.

Prioritizing Restful Practices

As we realize the importance of restful practices, we should incorporate them into our daily routines and even prioritize them. Sometimes our brain needs to do some easy activities, which helps it in resting. Do not give in to peer pressure and think overwork to be the norm. Worldwide companies are realizing the importance of stable mental health and have even lost money because of the poor mental condition of their employees. Hence, even they are encouraging restful practices. Include a few in your daily routine and see how it helps in relaxing.

Balance Work And Rest

In an attempt to beat others, most of us are always working. Hustling is the new religion for millennials and they don’t think twice before stealing hours from their resting time in order to finish a task. Most of us plan to rest only when our work is done. Which means we don’t prioritize rest. But research has proven that balancing rest and work leads to a more productive life. Rest is not a leftover activity anymore. Instead, it is an equal partner with work. The more you rest, the better you work. If you want to be more proactive at work, the rest should be prioritized. Only when there is the right balance between the two, you will be able to work better.

Active And Passive Rest

It is important to know the difference between active and passive rest. After a long hard day, active rest is important. It can be anything from working out in the gym, swimming, cycling, walking or even indulging in adventure activities. Passive rest, on the other hand, is resting without sleeping, You can lie down or stare out of the window – whatever helps you unwind. It also helps you de-stress, heal your mind, and even increase the digestive juices that help in better digestion. Passive rest can also be achieved through a sauna bath, massage session, foam rolling, warm and cold showers, etc. Active rest often induces fun, which is imperative at the end of a hectic day. Hence work hard party harder is not a wrong adage.

We all deserve to feel rested and fresh. If you feel fatigued instead, it is time to change a few things about your lifestyle. Either it is because of rest or lack of certain food. If the symptoms persist for a long time, you might want to see your doctor, who can advise you to take supplements in order for you to be energetic. In our race to reach our goals, we often forget to slow down. But sometimes, we should just listen to our body and slow down accordingly. Sleep and rest are an integral part of our lives and it helps us stay energetic in our daily activities.

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