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Weird Yet Effective Ways to Let Your Hair Down and Relax!

A million articles on the internet tell you that stress is very bad for you. Yes, we know it, but wish people didn’t rub it in. Also, can one eliminate stress from our lives? Not really! However, what we can do, is change the perception towards stress.

How can you beat stress that does not need you to sit in one place and count breaths? Of course, breathing exercises are important. But on some days when the stress is rearing its ugly head, you want something out of the ordinary to beat stress. Something that will do away with the cortisol levels will temporarily curb it and make you feel mentally alive. Here are some innovative tips and tricks to ensure stress finishes a not-so-close second.

Hug a Tree

Forests baths are a thing now, everyone is trying it, and it is one of the most beneficial baths you can take. The Japanese have coined a term for it, calling it Forest bathing. The people of Tokyo find it relaxing, and more often than not, you will hear people heading out for their forest bath on the weekends.

They call it the Shinrin-Yoku, and there are people in the USA who are following the forest path. Well, they are going the extra mile. Hugging trees amps up the levels of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone makes you feel calm and helps you feel bond emotionally.

When you are hugging a tree, the hormones serotonin and dopamine take over, making you feel blissful, happy, and no stress whatsoever. Communicating with the trees can help you in myriad ways, including improving mood, reducing blood pressure, improving immunity, and recovering from illness.

Try Singing in The Shower!

We all give in to our inner Bruce Springsteen or Adele as soon as the shower water hits us! Singing at the top of your voice tunelessly or tunefully can vent out whatever is clouding our minds. Your vocal cords can be a powerful vehicle to let out our deepest emotions. Do it with a certain amount of purpose, don’t bother what your neighbor will think about you.

We mean at the most, they are just going to discover the un-Adel voice of you. So what? You will end up feeling good! If the bathroom is not quite your thing, you can even try doing that in the car, your very own bubble. And the surrounding honks are going to drown your voice, so you can try that the next time you hit the road. You may be a sight for other drivers, but then, who cares? Jamming in the comfort of your car gives you a different feeling altogether.

 Yell Out!

A recent study found that screaming your lungs out into a noisy space helps relieve stress. For instance, try shouting and letting all the stress out while at a subway and a train is passing by! You can try that out at less public places, like atop a mountain where curious pairs of eyes are looking at you with incredulity.

Yelling sometimes is incredibly therapeutic. Remember the time you felt like yelling at your boss, your colleague, or your child but had to hold it back. Well, that adds to your stress levels. So, it’s time to let it all out of your system by screaming your lungs out and giving the stress a way out of your system.  After that bout of yelling, you will feel refreshed and amazing.

Get Your Hands and Feet Dirty

The grounding tip has been greatly publicized by the writer and biohacker Dave Asprey, who uses to beat jet lag. He said that the earth has a mild negative charge and when you walk around barefoot, the direct contact negated the positive and made it neutral. However, since we wear shoes or slippers, we are insulated from the earth, and our bodies cannot return to neutral positions.

You keep building up the positive energy and invite inflammation and disease. So, every day make it a point to walk on the ground while you ditch your footwear. It will help you to connect with the earth and relax in the true sense of the word.

These are some of the different and interesting ways that can help you relax and find your inner peace. Try it and let us know whether they worked for you.

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