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Wearable Tech For Relaxation: Why You Shouldn’t Switch off Your Gadgets While Relaxing

When we say “relaxation”, we probably don’t think about gadgets and technology as a whole. However, there are a few tech companies that are trying to change the whole idea of relaxation with their disruptive technologies and gadgets. These are the gadgets that are designed to help you relax and get more Z’s. Here are a few gadgets which you might not want to power off even when you are taking a breather.


Thync is a small device which can be attached to your forehead. It sends signals to the nerves in your neck and head to set off your adrenaline system. As a result, your body gains the ability to naturally turn on the sense of calm when you are in need to relax. Also, when you feel a little down, this helps you get an energy boost. The technology was invented after years of research, and the effects will multiply the more you get used to it. Thync, a drug-free wearable device which is offered by a California-based company of the same name, uses neuro signals to calm the users down quite efficiently.


If you are already practicing relaxation techniques, Muse will help you get the best out of each session. This one is a brain-sensing headband which is similar to FitBit except for the fact that it is designed for your brain. It uses EED sensors to report everything happening inside your brain to the paired smartphone. This means you can watch yourself getting relaxed. Both Android and iPhone apps are available, and you will be guided through the process of relaxation when you have the app running on your phone. What’s more, you will start receiving relaxation tips once you sign up. The immersive relaxation and meditation device also provides feedback on heart rate, mental activities, body movements, and breathing to help users find focused calm.


Spire is one of the best gadgets on the market right now when it comes to managing stress and reducing stress level. The tiny yet useful gadget helps the user determine the causes of their anxiety and stress. The gadget, which was developed by the researchers at Stanford University, monitors the breathing patterns of users and alerts them when they are stressed. When you are freaked out, the app starts sending you relaxation guides so that you can de-stress yourself by following a few simple steps. It comes with a step counter just like FitBit, so you get a fitness tracker in addition to a stress tracker. You can unlock the calming power of your breath with the help of guided meditations and various visual exercises that are built inside the tracker.

Gear VR + Mind Fitness

Virtual reality is already here, and technology companies are making use of VR to make relaxation a cakewalk for users. Mind Fitness almost ‘teleports’ you to somewhere else by effectively eliminating all the unnecessary emotional constraints from your mind using CognitiveOS Hypnosis®. The gadget was engineered by using the Bosurgi method originally developed by Luca Bosurgi. If you want to use it too often, you might pair this up with a VR headset (you may opt for the Samsung Gear VR). The app works literally with any headset you already have, but the better the headset is, the better experience you will have.

Should You Use Gadgets To Relax?

Many people try to take out their stress and frustration by hitting the gym, while many others prefer to use their hobbies (gardening, for example) for de-stressing and relaxing. Maybe you are a different type, and you love to relax by smoking or drinking a glass of beer. However, if you are trying to relax by smoking, drinking, or simply binge-eating, you should know that these techniques might work in the short term, but they come with obvious side-effects. If you don’t want to miss the productive beat, the best way to relax during a busy workday is to use cutting-edge devices.

This 2019 and the next year, several technology companies are expected to roll out gadgets that would help people relax in a better way. To stay in the loop, sign up to a technology newsletter or make it a habit to watch tech news daily.

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