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Top Gadgets and Mindfulness Tools that can help you Relax and Unwind

Sometimes, life can be a lot to take in. From waking up to the minute we hit the bed, our day goes by, trying to work through the endless “to-do list” to respond to the emails quickly before going to bed. The busy days barely give us time to have a minute to ourselves and focus on ourselves.

However, having some time off and practicing mindfulness will help our physical, emotional, and mental health have better functioning.


Mindfulness was derived from Buddhist meditation traditions and philosophy around 2500 years ago. Author of Energize, Simon Alexander Ong, explained mindfulness as “a way of helping us see the other side of the story that we previously overlooked, comprehending the different ways that have us stay connected to everyone and everyone around us, and admire that we are not our thoughts, but rather their observers.”

Rosie Stockley, the creator of Mamawell and women’s fitness specialist, says, “we produce cortisol, a steroid hormone when stressed which results in breathing more quickly and shallowly. However, in such situations, taking slow and deep breaths is a great cure to deal with this situation, promoting feelings like calm and rehabilitation.”

The central key of mindfulness is making more people aware of their thoughts, the environment surrounding them, and their feelings. There is not just one way of practicing mindfulness, as it will not be the same for everyone. For some people, practicing yoga will favor them, while for others, it can be done through meditation.

Benefits of meditation

Various studies have shown that being regular in practicing even 10 minutes of mindfulness each day will work for them.

The primary benefits mindfulness brings are reducing stress and anxiety and becoming more informed of their thoughts and emotions, making it easier for them to deal with the situation. Managing stress will result in better physical health.

Practicing mindfulness will help you fix your sleep schedule, reduce long-term pain, and treat heart diseases. According to a study, this meditation helps lower your blood pressure levels. Here are a few gadgets and mindfulness tools to ease your struggles to practice mindfulness.

Pure Energy Yoke Mat Eco Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

This mat and pillow contain 7,000 ergonomically designed spikes that help you let go of the tension from your body and get more energy by increasing circulation and removing old toxins. You can use this mat for all body parts, depending on where the tension or pain is.

Morphée sleep aid

This screen-free sleep aid helps you relax at any time of the day, where each session is about eight to twenty minutes long. The good thing about this gadget is that its guided meditation sessions can be quickly followed.

Muse 2 headband

This Muse 2 headband has a multi-sensor that gives real-time updates and feedback regarding your heart rate, breaths, brain activity, and body movement while meditating. Its advanced signals also decipher your mental activity and convert it into sound – a peaceful will result in chirping birds, while a less-focused mind will lead to rain and thunder. After everyone session, you can examine the results and work on the feedback the device gives.

Komuso Classic Shift

You can work on your anxiety through this necklace-shaped device, known as the Komuso Classic Shift since it assists in slowing and stabilizing your breathing. By doing so, you are reducing stress hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Beurer ST100 Stress ReleaZer

The Beurer Stress ReleaZer can be your breathing instructor and relaxation assistant, which sues low-frequency vibration to make you feel at ease. You can use the heat function and illuminating ring on the outside to stabilize your breathing. It has three different breathing and multiple musical compositions as well.


Nowadays, it has been quite a challenge to have a proper sleep schedule with the amount of stress we are surrounded with. This device is perfect for insomniacs since it helps you relax before bed and claims to put you to sleep in eight minutes.

Having these devices will do wonders for you. Start thinking of practicing mindfulness. Take care of yourself. Your health comes first.

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