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Three Sleep Relaxation Techniques for the Insomniac in You!

After a hard day at work, all that we long for is a relaxing night’s sleep. However, it isn’t that easy for everyone. A few people sleep as soon as they hit the sack, while a few will stay up all night as you try to figure out ways to fall asleep. While pulling an all-nighter might seem like a great idea when you have strict deadlines to meet or tasks to finish, experts suggest that lack of sleep only reduces productivity.

The same is when you do not get ample sleep despite hitting the sack and struggling to doze off. Sleep helps your body relax, did you know that your body and mind need to relax before you can get some sleep? Well, that does sound tricky. However, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. If this struggle seems familiar to you, here are a few tips and relaxing techniques that you could use to fall asleep fast.

Music Therapy

Well, by the music, we mean something that’s calming and soothing to your brain. It will help your stress levels come down and prepare your mind to sleep. Music therapy is a cost-effective intervention technique to induce sleep in the comfort of your room. Research suggests that music positively impacts the neurologic functions of a person and boosts wellness.

Several studies suggest that classical music aids in falling asleep. However, if that’s not your thing, or you’re looking for a recommendation of a particular track, you could listen to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” Most people claim that this song is very soothing and sleep-inducing.

However, make sure the music is playing at a low volume, and you’re not wearing earphones. That’s because earphones and headphones might disturb and make you feel uncomfortable and prevent you from falling asleep.

 Progressive Relaxation Technique

To sleep better, you should be able to relax your body efficiently. And to do this, you could follow one of the many relaxation techniques. For instance, a progressive muscle relaxation technique is a popular method that helps people fall asleep with ease. All you need to do is slowly breathe in as you tense up a particular muscle and breath out as you relax the muscle.

You need to work on different muscle groups one after the other and go on until your body feels relaxed. Most people usually start at the feet and reach up to the muscles in their face. As you breathe in and out slowly in this process and relax your muscles, you tend to feel sleepy. It will only take a few minutes, and you could do it even as you’re lying down in your bed. You never know, you might fall asleep even before you’re done with the progressive muscle relaxation technique.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

Well, this might seem like an insignificant thing. But as you get into the habit of doing it regularly, you will realize that it will help you start your day on a positive note and end it that way too. Imagine getting back home after a long exhausting day, to find a messy bed where you might have to make space even to lie down. Or move the clothes from the bed to “The infamous chair” that we are all guilty of having. Doesn’t seem like a very appealing way to sleep, right?

Now think about this, you walk into your room, and there’s the nicely made bed, that which’s warm, comforting, and welcoming. Wouldn’t you feel relaxed and be eager to sleep on it? That’s one simple task, but something that has a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. So, start making your bed every morning, and in the evening you will thank you!

We hope these tips help you relax and fall asleep instantly. Besides these, you could also take a warm shower, dim the lights, or keep your room dark, turn off the gadgets, and have a  light dinner. Remember, the better your quality of sleep, the better your mental health. So, get started with these techniques, and you will soon find yourself falling asleep without much difficulty. But remember, it will take some time, be patient, and keep practicing.

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