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How Swarovski’s Heiress is Making it on Her Own in the World of Sustainable Fashion

Despite the stereotype that’s sometimes portrayed in the media, not all heirs are undeservedly entitled or unwilling to put in the work. In fact, 22-year-old Marina Raphael, a member of the family that owns the famed Austrian jewelry company Swarovski, disproves that.

Instead of relying on the family business, the young businesswoman is making waves on her own in the world of sustainable fashion.

Putting Passion to Work

ODEGOVA/Shutterstock: The Swarovski has been in the glass and jewelry business since the late 20th century

A business management graduate, Raphael is the woman behind an eponymous line of luxury handbags that’s making its way up in the fashion scene. She launched her business after learning the ropes of designing and manufacturing bags

The heiress reportedly got some financial help from a family member to get her company running and added to the money she’s saved on her own. While she got a leg up, that doesn’t mean that she was immune to setbacks and challenges.

Recalling the struggles she faced as a beginner, she shares how her first 10 handbags were ‘a disaster’. Raphael, whose passion for fashion and luxury began young, wasn’t one to quit though.

And in the end, she believes that’s the quality that separates those who give up after failing.

As for why she chose to get into the business of creating handbags, Raphael says that she sees them as ‘investment pieces’ that consumers would need and want at any age.

Robert Hoetink/Shutterstock: Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is reportedly a fan of the brand

At the Forefront

The handbag brand currently employs seven people and is doing well for itself two years after its launch.

What’s more, Marina Raphael is committed to making sustainable fashion by using materials like biodegradable leather and ecological wool. The company also has a near-zero waste policy as it reuses old skins and leather in creating its goods.

Raphael herself believes that ‘sustainability is the future of fashion’.

Paying Homage

Marina Raphael Official/Instagram: Marina Raphael bags cost $550 to $2,700

Of course, the young businesswoman didn’t forget to pay homage to her illustrious background in her solo venture. All Marina Raphael bags feature crystals as a tribute to the Swarovski family’s history.

Raphael also doesn’t shy away from expressing gratitude for the support she’s received from her family. However, she still emphasizes that she had to work hard to ensure that the support she received wasn’t in vain.

She shares how some people looked down on her not just because of her background but also her young age. Fortunately, Raphael used these negative words to motivate her instead of bringing her down.

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