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Summer Around The Corner: The Best Beach Chairs For Ultimate Relaxation Under The Sun

When was the last time you went sunbathing? How was the experience building sandcastles with your family or friends on the beach? Surely, good! We all love the idea of being a tad lazy and engage in such activities that make us feel relaxed. Of course, sitting on the sand can be uneasy for many. But there’s no discount on the fun! Alternatively, you can try keeping a long rug or towel or a sturdy mat, but something sturdier would be a better option.

Beach-Specific Chairs To The Rescue

If that’s the case, you can carry your lightweight backpack chair or something foldable that would not only save you from the overpriced lounger on rent but also impart much-needed relief when out holidaying. Now that chair designs have evolved over the years.

You can browse through few comfy, portable options. Also, you would use that on the soft sand. For variations, find something with a canopy or few built-in coolers to help you deal with the scorching sun. Here are some options that’ll help you sail through.

Coleman Utopia Breeze Sling Beach Chair

Enjoy the perfect weather on the beach with this ‘low-to-ground design’ of Coleman. It’s so low that kids will construct their sandcastles in a hassle-free way, even when they enjoy the support of the chair. At 5.3lbs, the steel frame is powder-coated that supports the weight of an adult, weighing around 250lbs. What’s great is that you can fold it inside a small carry bag or case.

GCI Outdoor Rocking Beach Chair

Sitting on the beach can take a backseat when you can rock! The beach chair from CGI is collapsible and contains a rocker function to aid relaxation. Comparatively heavier than most of its counterparts, the chair weighs 10lbs and supports an adult of 250lbs (approx.). Had there been no weight difference yet, we wouldn’t have got a smooth and rocking ride that promises optimum enjoyment. Once you open the folding chair, the mesh backrest would help you stay cool. Not to forget, the cupholder, a carry handle, and the padded armrests are real saviors!

Trekology YIZI Go Portable Beach Chairs With Sand Cover

The perfect lightweight, foldable and packable beach chair from the house of Trekology comes in a sleep carry case. It has a deep seat that renders good support to the lower back. Just 2lbs, it’s so light that you can think of taking this along for every beach adventure you head to!

But then, it can support a capacity of no less than 300lbs. This is quite a compact option. Besides, the waterproof sand cover stops the legs from sinking inside the soft sand. Thanks to the built, the legs can assemble themselves after release using a very secure Velcro strap.

Neso Folding Beach Chairs

Imagine a lazy day on the seashore, and you need something low to the ground. That’s when the Neso chair will come in handy. The frame made of ‘rustproof aluminum’ has a canvas, which is water-resistant. This means the chances of ruining or corrosion are the bare minimum. The chair folds in a flat style and has a carry strap to facilitate ease in transportation. Much like the others, the beach chair can hold an adult weighing 220lbs. As add-ons, the frame has padding for comfort, and there are pockets to accommodate beach necessities.

RIO Beach Chair With Coolers

The perfect alternative to the earlier Nautica model of beach chairs, the RIO chair, can be available in two hues of ‘fun blue’ that would be ideal for beaches, specifically the dull and drab days! It comes with a cooler and dry storage pouch- features that you would normally not find in many other chair variants. You can find the cooler behind the seat where you also have a mobile phone and drink holder.

If you wish to take a power nap during the late afternoon on the beach, the removable headrest will come in handy. Also, to maximize the most of your beach time, the chair made of aluminum can recline in a total of five positions and support a weight of 240lbs.

Now the choice is yours. Think of the best option and your budget, and you can make the ideal pick.

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