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How to Stop Stresslaxing from Making Your Anxiety Worse

Stresslaxing is a new coinage that came into being after years of study. This term refers to a situation in which you are trying to relax, but rather than getting comfortable, you start feeling more stressed out and anxious. According to some studies, around 30% to 50% of people face this situation while they try to calm down. People who face stresslaxing, are required to adopt a few different techniques to de-stress themselves and avoid negative emotions and anxiety attacks while relaxing. There are many reasons people encounter this situation, some of the reasons are mentioned below.

Ignoring the Stress

Until a person is unable to acknowledge the symptoms of stress, he can never fix them, which can worsen his situation resulting in panic and anxiety attacks. Hence, whenever a person feels a change in his thoughts and emotions, he should try to concentrate on the reasons behind them.

Continuous ignoring of stress will not stop the brain from receiving signals of discomfort. Therefore, it is essential for the person to be completely aware of his stressful situation. One way to recognize the symptoms of stress is to consider the physical body suffering. For example, increased heart, such symptoms might alert the person to accept his tensed state of mind.

Also, a person should write all his negative feelings and thoughts, which will make him understand the sources of stress and hence could tackle them efficiently. Also, if the person requires medical assistance, then such writings could be provided to the doctor to know the patient’s situation better.

Ward off Confusions

When a person looks for multiple choices to spend his time on, he often gets trapped in a vicious circle of confusion and guilt. Because he keeps on thinking about what other tasks he could do and what benefits he could gain from them, rather than relaxing. These thoughts drove him to be anxious and frustrated. Therefore, it is recommended that you should keep reminding yourself of the importance of mental health while doing relaxing activities.

Listen to Your Music

Music is the quickest therapy to ease mental stress, as it can change your mood and thoughts within minutes and soothe your mind.

Stop Assuming What Other People Will Say

Some people adopt a lifestyle to gain more recognition from other people. They pursue their careers and passions to please others rather than for their own satisfaction and happiness. When a person goes against his desires just for some external rewards like appreciation from other people, it will lead him to his maximum limits, which means he will force himself to work even if he is sick.

Relaxing will be something like a waste of time for him. Therefore, he will not be able to relax calmly. It is essential for such people to take short mental breaks. And during these breaks, they should indulge themselves in activities that make them happy and should make themselves understand the value of happy moments to de-stress their mind.

These are a few reasons, why people suffer from stresslaxing. Further, in the article, we will discuss some common but efficient ways of relaxing.

Talk to Your Loved One

Sharing your worries or just talking with other sincere people can help you feel lighter because you have expressed all that is going on in your mind, it will stop your brain from assuming any further negative thoughts.

Doing Yoga

Yoga techniques have proven several positive benefits to both mental and physical health. It reduces blood pressure and heartbeat, which increases oxygen levels in the brain and thus it improves brain function. Yoga balances both mind and body and puts them at peace.

Engage in Physical Activities

When there is a hustle going on in your mind, it is better to start doing exercising or any other physical activity which you enjoy. This diverts your away mind from unwanted thoughts and gets synchronized with your body, hence taking you out from stress and depression.

Relaxing and de-stressing your mind is crucial for your mental health. It is recommended to find a relaxing activity that you enjoy and makes you happy to prevent Stresslaxing. And if you fail to handle your stress efficiently then you should seek professional guidance immediately.

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