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These Soaking Tubs Are All The Rage! Here’s What You Need To Know

Looking to relax in style while taking a bath? If so, you might want to consider one of the many super-stylish soaking tubs available. Basically, bathtubs, like whirlpools or garden tubs, have become passé. The old-school designs are now replaced by modern ones. For example, jetted bathtubs suit houses having master bedrooms and ample space in wash areas. Nowadays, as apartments in bigger cities have become compact, most homeowners and designers have realized the worth of small-sized yet functional tubs. Naturally, they now look for the exquisitely designed soaking tubs. Besides the stylish look and comfort, these tubs are much simpler in form and easy to maintain, too.

That Spa Feel

Designers know that soaking tubs are easier to fit in smaller bathrooms. The freestanding, non-jetted versions are way more comfortable than their traditional whirlpool counterparts. What is most outstanding about these designs is that soaking tubs invoke a spa-like feel. After a tiring day at work, nothing gets better than soaking your body in warm water inside the tub and beating that stress away with that glass of wine and soft music! If you really want to turn your bathroom into a spa on a budget, there’s no better alternative to soaking tubs.

Something For Everyone

Everyone likes to have a shower or take in the aroma of some wonderful fragrance while relaxing in a warm bath. By using a soaking tub, you can also have a combination of both. So whether you choose to make the setting completely tranquil or just take a quick steam shower, this is the apt choice for you. This is exactly why families with multiple preferences feel at peace investing on this. You can shop around for brilliantly designed soaking tubs as many bathroom renovation product manufacturers are now offering these tubs at competitive prices.

Relax In Style

If you are searching for a great architectural element to be incorporated in your bathroom settings, look no further than freestanding soaking tubs. It’s appealing and akin to an artwork that looks splendid inside the bathroom. In fact, you can play with your artistic imagination by requesting custom designs. Think of the varieties with regards to finishes, such as copper, brass and cast iron, to name a few. You don’t need to stick to the conventional white fiberglass options. This is because the other materials have a capacity of holding the heat for a longer duration besides adding depth and a certain sense of warmth in the overall look of the bathroom, which would make every bathing session even more relaxing.

Minimal Space Required

If you compare the old standby models to that of the soaking tubs available on the market now, the latter is a sharp deviation from those eating up a lot of space inside the wash area. You might think of having an open area or just keep a section loaded with luxurious bathroom items. If you install a soaking tub in your bathroom, all your other items will also be in full view and you can also attain your aesthetic goals. Besides that, having a soaking tub makes it easy to show off the other items in your bathroom. You might have a great tile floor pattern with rare mosaic and your guests can’t help but visit your place time and again for it. Install a standalone tub and showcase the floors or a certain side of the wall with decals or some stickers. Play with ideas and your bathroom will turn into the most relaxing place in your home.

Choose From Various Options

There’s a wide array of soaking tubs available. The freestanding vintage style has thankfully made a comeback and looks truly ethereal in modern settings. One common type used in modern households is the slipper tub that has one end raised at a slightly greater height for both show and comfort. There are claw-foot tubs and pedestal tubs, too. The difference between these two is that the former has feet, but the latter is a rare mix of a modern and traditional look. Also, you can find the Japanese variants, which are great for having a relaxing bath. The most ornate ones are the Roman-style tubs.

While there are quite a few online marketplaces where you can find uniquely designed soaking tubs that are ideal for relaxation, you should also visit your nearest bathroom fittings stores to find the perfect soaking tub for your private paradise. Enjoy!

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