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Six Unusual Relaxation Techniques You Have To Try Out!

We all know the traditional methods of dealing with stress — we’re all well conversant with relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and even massage therapy. However, there exist some unusual yet interesting ways to de-stress! Here we explore some of the relaxation techniques you probably haven’t heard about until today!

Amusement Baths

While sipping on a glass of red wine after a long day may indeed be very relaxing, a resort by the name of Yunessun has taken it to another level! This resort is situated near Mount Fiji. Here, you can find several ‘amusement baths’. There are pools of sake, green tea, coffee, and even red wine! Of course, there has to be a sign that reads “do not drink”! We aren’t too sure what the benefits of stewing in ramen broth or any of the other liquids are, but perhaps we have to do it to find out!

Fish Pedicures

Kenko Spa is one of the most popular spas to offer this specific pedicure treatment, but there are many other spas from around the globe that have started to offer ‘fish pedicure’. The principle is that you dip your bare feet into pools filled with hundreds of tiny Doctor Fish (also known as red garra) that swarm around your tired feet and nibble off all the dead skin. A relaxing psoriasis treatment, but it might tickle a bit!

Screaming Therapy

Stress is a terrible strain on your body and mind, and sometimes, frustration builds up inside you to the point where you snap! Usually, it means yelling at the next unfortunate person you come across, but for some people, it’s a practice they actually intentionally perform! Well, not yelling at people, but just yelling. ‘Screamers’ believe that screaming out and clearing your lungs is a good practice and can release a lot of tension. Of course, you would have to climb up to a hill or mountain someplace where there is nobody to disturb!

Laughter Yoga

In Mumbai, yogis have decided to agree with whoever had suggested that “laughter is the best medicine”. The practitioners in Mumbai gather for giggles, chuckles, and good old belly laughs all in the name of relaxation! The idea here is that voluntary laughter actually possesses the same benefits as spontaneous laughter in terms of both physiological as well as psychological betterment. In fact, it specifically decreases your cortisol levels. Laughter Yoga was developed by Madan Kataria, an Indian physician who details his thoughts and exercise in the field in his book, released in 2002 – Laugh For No Reason. Today, it is practiced in more than 53 countries across the globe, and there are approximately 5000 clubs dedicated to the practice.


This technique of relaxation involves igniting mugwort herbs over or onto the skin (though direct moxibustion is rarely used anymore as it can cause scarring and can be painful). The burning is said to boost circulation and to heighten qi. Qi is a vital energy or a lifeforce that is believed to flow through the body. With moxibustion, it is believed that the qi flow is stimulated and increased, and any blockages are overcome. This is an important concept because it is believed that mental and physical ailments actually stem from blockages in the flow of qi. The heat is applied to very specific body areas and is often used hand-in-hand with acupuncture. This practice is a mainstay in Chinese and Tibetan cultural medicine.

Shirodhara Treatment

In this Ayuverdic tension-release treatment, oil is poured in a stream onto the forehead where it is believed the Third Eye is situated. The slow stream of oil is supposed to release tension. The name of this treatment is rooted in Sanskrit. In some cases, buttermilk, coconut water, milk, or simply water is used instead of oil. This treatment has been used to address a wide assortment of issues, like memory loss, greying of hair, sinusitis, psoriasis, and even hearing impairment, to name a few. The calm this treatment creates is likened to that achieved through meditation. Ultimately, it is thought that Shirodhara works through relaxing the part of the brain called the hypothalamus.

So if you’re bored with the regular methods of relaxation, or perhaps you simply want to be more adventurous with your relaxation techniques, try out these practices that have been supported for ages and are rooted in old cultures. It sure will be refreshing! Don’t give good old meditation and yoga the boot though – they’re still very effective, even if they are mainstream!


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