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Simple and Effective Ways to Relax Your Mind and Body

Take a long deep breath. Ease yourself from all the negativity that surrounds you. Do you feel any better? If only relaxing was as easy as it sounds. Many of us know that relaxing is, most of the time, is easier said than done. It is not hidden from anyone that we are living in an extremely stressful environment and getting time from ourselves to relax seems quite a task. But, the reality is that relaxing your mind and soul is not impossible.

We hear people suggesting “take a long deep breath, hold your breath for a moment. Inhale and exhale” as a stress relief. Even though this does work most of the time, there are some techniques beyond this that are effective. Being mentally and physically relaxed helps release stress, ease anxiety, improve sleeplessness, and to some extent, melancholia. There are various ways that can help a person release stress and calm their nerves.

Relaxing the Mind

Here are nine simple tricks that will help you relax your mind.

First, count backward from 60 while gazing at the roof. Experts suggest that looking upwards refreshes the parasympathetic nervous system that decreases blood pressure and lowers the speed of breathing. Secondly, distract yourself. Imagine different scenarios that divert your attention. Using your imagination is a successful form of meditation that makes you daydream but with a motive. As a third trick try taking long breaths. This exercise calms your nerves and you picture a good memory that made you smile while relaxing your mind as well.

Now it’s time to take a warm bath. Turning your bathroom into a small spa, soaking yourself in a relaxing bubble bath while listening to calm music works like magic.

Other Ways to Soothe Your Mind

Additionally, listen to calm music. In order to loosen up, soothing music does wonders and you would be surprised. Don’t listen to loud music. It would not help you at all. You can also try meditation. Mindful meditation will narrow down your attention towards the present time like the sounds you can hear, the pace of your breathing, and so on. It helps you be aware of what you are feeling and thinking at that moment.

A great trick is to keep a journal. Carrying a journal can be very curing. Note down all your feelings in your journal. You can write anything you want, what you are feeling, what is bothering you, and then let it be. Forget about it for a moment and return back you are more relaxed. Next, relieve yourself from the junk, meaning stress.

For some people, cleaning turns out to be a cure because the results become apparent, you become stress-free. Having a peaceful environment is very important for the sanity of a person.

Try ASMR. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is mostly activated by certain audio, video, and digital media and uncommonly sets-off by intentional attentional control. For some people, specific voices put them at ease and relax their minds and body. If it helps you too, you can find ASMR voices on YouTube easily.

Relaxing the body

Here are some tried and tested tips that have proven to be very effective over time. The first and easiest one is to try out yoga. If you don’t know about yoga, you can learn for free by watching videos online or can sign up for yoga classes. Secondly, try progressive muscle relaxation techniques. These techniques include putting every muscle group at ease as you relieve yourself from tension by relaxing these muscle groups. It gives you instant relief and puts you to sleep quickly. Thirdly, you can also treat yourself to a massage.

People struggle in finding time for themselves and visiting a spa to get a proper massage. If you are one of them, no worries. Ask your friend or family member to give you a long, nice rub at the back.

Another trick is to cut down your alcohol consumption. Most people think that a strong drink will put them at ease. For some people, to some extent that may be true but it doesn’t happen for the most part. It can make you feel more tired and a little depressed too. Try having a glass of milk or, even better, green tea.

The real meaning of relaxation is when your mind and soul are at ease. In this busy world, people don’t have time for themselves and finding ways to relax is very important.

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