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Self-Hypnosis to Combat Stress and Be Relaxed

woman stressed tired girl worn outBeing alive means having to constantly deal with stress as it’s an inevitable part of life and of being human. It would better if you would accept sooner rather than later the fact that life means having to face one form of stressor to another. But although stress is a normal part of life, it doesn’t mean that you just have to take it as it is and let it bury you alive.

Some people experience too much stress that it causes serious issues. These issues aren’t just with their physical health but severe stress can also affect one’s mental and emotional health. This is why when we feel that the stress of life becomes too much for us to handle, we have to do something to reduce it or better yet, as much as possible, eliminate it.

People deal with stress in so many ways. Some people find comfort with food while others choose to sleep it away. There are those who would shop, travel, read a book, or wander around to calm and relax themselves. But when all of that fails to ease what you feel, there’s always the unorthodox but proven effective “self-hypnosis” to help you deal with stress.

What is Self-Hypnosis?

mirror reflection looking throughYou can consult a hypnotherapist to set an appointment or order a hypnosis CD that is meant for stress management, but self-hypnosis is also very easy to do and achieve. Learning how to do this can be very beneficial to help you deal with stress a lot more effectively than you normally would.

Self-hypnosis might sound amazing, fearfully exciting, or even almost magical, but there really is nothing mystical about it. Since one of the primary principles when it comes to hypnosis is getting the subject (yourself) into a state of deep relaxation, it would only make perfect sense that this would fit well for stress management. Doing self-hypnosis is practical since you can basically do it whenever it suits your time and best of all, it’s for free.

Self-Hypnosis to Relieve Stress

First, you need to decide if you are going to use affirmation for your self-hypnosis session as this is important in setting your goal for the session. For example, one of your stressors is that you always cram because you don’t leave a lot of time to do your work. You can choose to use an affirmation that goes something like this: “I always set a lot of time to finish each work.” It would be better if you write your affirmation down beforehand. However, you can also choose not to use any and just make use of imagery instead.

Achieving a Relaxed, Calm State

sleeping lying in bed girl womanNext, you have to find a comfortable place that is quiet and free of distractions. Get into a comfortable position that you won’t get tired with throughout your session. Sitting is recommended since you could fall asleep while doing this if you are going to lie down. For this to be effective, you need to be deeply relaxed, and you can achieve this by closing your eyes and start breathing deeply and slowly. Using statements like “I am getting increasingly relaxed with each breath” could also be very helpful as it’s a technique to convince yourself to achieve that state.

While you are breathing deeply, you can also visualize the stress leaving your body. Imagery can be very powerful. You can even imagine yourself in a place where you will feel the most relaxed may it be in a field of flowers, on a beach, or in the middle of the green forest. Once you feel like you are already deeply relaxed, you can already begin saying your affirmation over and over. If you choose not to use an affirmation, then you can just picture yourself happy, relaxed, and free of stress.

Life is hard. Some would even argue it hurts. Every single day, we are faced with dilemmas that can make or break us. Having a strong self-preservation is the key to dealing with things in our lives in such a way that it doesn’t eat us alive. And to make sure that your self-preservation is intact, staying in touch with your inner self, just like self-hypnosis, is truly vital.

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