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Relaxing Things You Can Do in New York’s Iconic Central Park

If you take a look at the map of New York City, a rectangular area with lots of greenery in the heart of the city is bound to catch your attention. No prizes for guessing the name of this green space. Yes, it’s the iconic Central Park. The park was designed in the 19th century to provide some relief to the citizens from the stress and crowd. The original mission has been achieved as Central Park continues to give respite to the residents and visitors, especially those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for some time. Spread across 800 acres, the park boasts colorful flowers, lush green lawns, lakes, serene ponds, as well as wildlife. Below is a list of those relaxing things you can do in Central Park.

Go Fishing

The Harlem Meer, a beautiful water body located at the north-eastern corner of Central Park is one of the most ideal places to fish. Nestled between hill-like structures and the grand old trees the Meer is U-shaped and flows around a small islet with tangled trees on it. Benches are placed around the water body and those sitting and relaxing on them can get shade from the hydrangea and rose bushes. There are several water bodies present inside Central Park.

However, the natural beauty of Harlem Meer attracts people who are looking to fish. The calm and serene environment does play a major role. But do remember that you need to catch a fish and then release it into the water. Except for fish, one is not allowed to catch any other water creature.

Bask in the Beauty of the Water Fountains

At a stone’s throw distance from the Harlem Meer, the northern end of the park is one of the best spots in the entire area. This portion is dotted with stunning flowers, groomed hedges, sculptures, water fountains, and camouflaged paths that continue to charm the visitors who want to spend a relaxing time interacting with nature.

The popular Conservatory Gardens is a place that visitors consider to be the most gorgeous place in the park. The gardens are distinct and the design is enthralling. For a few seconds, you will be confused whether you are walking through a park in the middle of a concrete jungle or a well-maintained garden in the English countryside. Each garden in the series has its beauty and charm.

Play Some Chess

Those who love chess will be delighted to know there is a Chess and Crackers House inside Central Park. You can spend some quality time there. The spot where it’s located overlooks the old trees and green hills. The small building looks like a cottage and is dedicated to the game of chess.

There are chess tables inside where chess lovers are free to challenge each other and indulge in a competitive duel. However, outside the building, underneath a wooden canopy, several stone chess tables are placed. If you wish to play a game of chess outside, you can bring your pieces or borrow them from the Chess and Crackers House. There are other games as well, such as backgammon and dominoes.

Experience the Beauty from a Horse-Drawn Carriage

The majority of relaxing activities that you get involved in are free of cost. But, there are certain attractions for which you will have to spend money. With that being said, if something is so relaxing and romantic at the same time, you wouldn’t mind shelling out some currency. You can hop onto a horse-drawn carriage to enjoy a relaxing ride around the park.

You can have someone special accompanying you on the ride. You will get to see the shining water bodies, colorful flowers, and some interesting folks. A ride on the carriage will cost you something in the range of $120 and $250. A maximum of four people are allowed. However, it all depends on the season and how you book the ride. You can go through if you want more information about this.

Catching a classic Shakespeare play for free, watching turtles swimming around, seeing the New York sunset, etc. are some of the other interesting and relaxing activities you can do in Central Park. The iconic park remains open from 6 AM to 1 AM every day. Check out the official Central Park website to know more about the Park’s activities and events.

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