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Most Relaxing Beaches You Need to Visit in the US

Planning to take a break from work soon? How do you plan to spend your vacation? By being a couch potato and staying in? Do you think that will give you the relaxation you need? If you believe that, well good for you, but if you want to unwind and rejuvenate while on break from your hectic life, check out these tranquil and scenic vacation havens that will surely relax you.

Del Monte Beach, Monterey California

beach water waveDel Monte Beach in Monterey California is a must-visit when you aim to relax after a long exhausting weekend. There are a lot of things in this place to help you unwind and, most of all, to relax by going back to nature. It’s one of nature’s bests. The beach and its popular stretches will let you take a break from the noisy and busy city life. This is indeed something that most of us dream about.

You can lay and read a book on the beach and enjoy its picturesque scenery, or stroll down to its stretches to your heart’s content. Now you know when to go next weekend.

Sanibel Island, Florida

Do you want an undisturbed spot this coming weekend? Florida has the perfect place for you. Perhaps one of the best vacation activities is finding beautiful seashells that have been washed up by the sands. If that’s the case, Sanibel Island is the perfect place for you. The locals have conserved this island. They go out of their way to preserve the natural beauty of the island. You can do shelling, paddling, and even contemplate or meditate which this quiet place will bring to you. This is an undisturbed haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Inspired now? Hurry and book your chosen hotel and explore Sanibel Island.

Carova, North Carolina

seaside beach waterAfter a whole week of grinding and meeting deadlines, one would love to be off the grid and would love to be unattached with technology. One of the first things to do when on a short vacation is to reconnect with nature. North Carolina can offer you this kind of simple pleasure. Go to Carova! You won’t find any hotel or even a paved road there. Everything is simply basic.

Vacation rentals are available if you’d like to stay for a night or two. In Carova, the view is always relaxing with wild horses everywhere. You may want to spend a lazy day on the beach, burying your feet into the sands and enjoy your solitary, uninterrupted rest.

Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point California

This is one of the charming beaches in California, especially in Salt Beach Creek, which has wide and gorgeous sand stretches and grassy recreational areas that will tempt you to have a picnic out there. It has one of those pointed picnic tables that are so unique. Do you want to see the full view? Go to higher ground and reflect from up there the tranquility of the place which will calm and relax you. Dana Point is one of the popular places where surfers and fitness fans always visit. So, get ready to plan your stress-free stay in Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point, California.

Anna Maria Island, Florida

horse on seashore beachDo you want to unwind in a secret spot? Do you want to step back in time to get back to your roots again? Look no further, Anna Maria Island is the answer to a spirit longing for an unspoiled nature to cure an exhausted soul. The long stretches of a sugary sandy beach are all yours to have and explore. This place has a hometown feel that will allow your wandering soul to be a child again due to the quaint ambiance that will make you superbly relaxed. This island offers secluded spots that allow you to be you. So, go ahead and get ready to be on this island.

Yes, part of being adults is responsibilities, but let’s not forget to take care of ourselves not only physically but mentally as well. Moreover, the gadgets of the modern world are taking us away from the true beautiful nature we have lived in. So, instead of bingeing on Netflix during your vacation, why not explore what nature has to offer?

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