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How To Relax While Having Dinner With Your In-Laws!

It’s a stereotype to have snarky in-laws who are hell-bent on coming over for dinner and ruining the evening. This isn’t all based on stories, of course. Stereotypes rarely ever come from nothing, and in this case, it’s accurate for the most part unless you’re gifted with some extremely understanding in-laws who don’t scrutinize your every move, in which case you should consider yourself extremely lucky. The reality is that you probably won’t have the universe on your side when it comes to your in-laws, so it’s best to be absolutely prepared so that you don’t end up making a mistake that you’ll end up regretting later on in a fit of rage (which won’t be unwarranted, but will be unnecessary and harmful at the same time).

Here’s what you need to do in order to make sure that the evening doesn’t get out of hand and remains as bearable as possible:

Stay Away From Unpleasant Topics

Are your in-laws voting for a different political party than you are? While that might be the case in some families, there’s no reason for them to know about this little detail. If you feel like they’re straying away towards such a topic, it’s your job to lead the conversation away from it. Watch out for subtle signs and hack the conversation whenever you need to so that you can take the reigns and introduce something new to the table which makes everyone temporarily forget about whatever they were talking about. There could be all sorts of topics that nosy in-laws would want to go over that would make you uncomfortable, so plan ahead for this.

Whenever it looks like such a topic is being approached, present an alternative talking point which could buy you a few more minutes before you have to spring into action again. Of course, you’ll have to be really subtle about this; otherwise, others are going to notice that you aren’t keen on those few topics which might make them focus on you instead, making matters much worse than they would have been otherwise. You could avoid talking about having kids or about how your career is going – you shouldn’t talk about any part of your life that you’re not happy about.

Keep Yourself Physically Relaxed Throughout Dinner

The entire evening is hanging on to what your mood is throughout dinner, and if you’re not feeling too good beforehand, things might not go perfectly. This is why you should take some time to prepare for their arrival. Take a walk and a shower, and think happy thoughts so that you’re not caught off guard. Your partner will understand that you want nothing to go wrong and will want to help you out any way they can. During dinner, you’ll want to take deep breaths every time your in-laws try to get on your nerves and keep yourself well-hydrated. If you feel your temper rising, go to the bathroom as the last resort. It’s much better than lashing out and spoiling what would have otherwise been a great evening.

Don’t Be A Pushover

This won’t be the first or last time that your in-laws are coming over, and sometimes, a good offense is the best defense. Instead of letting them do all the talking, try to ask them questions that keep you in the driver’s seat. Since you’re the one who’s trying to keep things under control, things are less likely to get out of hand. Make sure to ask your partner about subjects that your in-laws might be interested in. This will make sure that the conversation stays pleasant, and since your in-laws will be too busy boring you with things that they like, they won’t have the time to step inside your comfort zone and try to get a rise out of you. Don’t try to make things unpleasant by making them feel like the way they make you feel, but stand your ground and make sure that you’re not miserable throughout the dinner.

In the end, you need to realize that things might not play out exactly as you had planned, and that’s completely okay. Realizing this will put you at ease and help you laugh about the evening later on.

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