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How Pastel Shades on Your Walls Can Calm You Down and Relax You!

Stress can affect you in more ways than one. It starts making you feel anxious and stressed, whether at work or even at home. Don’t worry. You can help stress disappear or at least power yourself enough to combat it with some easy hacks. Easy because you never knew that there could be something as easy as a color that could bring your stress levels down in an instant.

Yes, the right paint colors on your walls can do wonders. Have you ever experienced a sense of calm as soon as you entered a room? Well, it has got something to do with the color on the walls. You may not realize the same, but your mind and body react to colors as soon your eyes see them. The brighter colors may stimulate you, while the calming pastel shades may relax you. If you are trying to relax in your home, then you can certainly consider these colors.


It is certainly a classic color that is a hot favorite of people who are doing their homes. Blue is a color that drives away the blues. It’s the color to choose when you are selecting one for your bedroom. What’s more, it can help you sleep as well.  Always go for soft shades, neutral tones instead of stimulating colors.


Violet has a blue base and offers calming benefits.  A color like soft violet or lilac can bring about balance and inner peace. When you choose a shade of violet, think of soft without including something like a darker shade.


Green is one of the most soothing and comforting colors ever. No wonder, since the color is synonymous with nature and the outdoors. Green is present in most of the spaces, and as soon as we visit the places, we feel relaxed; think the green places around, such as parks, our backyards, and the quiet forest.  Green can make you feel immediately calm. Most green shades are calming but always stick to lighter shades than darker ones.


The pink family works as an excellent stress antidote and also a bright color antidote. A soft pastel pink can help bring about a calming bent mind. When choosing the right shade of pink, think soft and light pinks instead of its fluorescent versions as it may overstimulate your brain.


White is another color that has a tremendous impact on us, our stressed-out selves. However, don’t select too much of a dull color as it may turn out to be a downer.  Try to select a warmer or creamier version that does the trick.


A bright yellow may turn out to be stimulating and may prompt you to run. Try softer colors instead, such as pastel yellow, which has a calming influence. A warm shade of yellow may make you feel you are basking in the warm glow of the sun, warm effusive, and effervescent. Besides these, you can combine various colors that offer some calming influence.  Blend colors such as violet, gray to get a gorgeous gray hue or a pink and tan to get a softer warm pink.


The next color is gray. Wait, isn’t that a dull color? Also, it’s fairly boring. Sometimes it may remind you o0f overcast clouds. But gray has the potential to help you relax as well. However, you have to select the right gray to bring about a calming influence. It can act as a major stress-buster.

So, which is the most soothing color you can find. It has to be hands down blue. When you are stressed out, you can look at something blue in color. Think of the beautiful blue sky or the gleaming blue ocean. No wonder a trip down to the beach can calm you down. It activates certain chemicals that promote calmness—thinking of redoing your home?

Think blue, maybe a warmer gray, a lush purple, or a vibrant blue-green. Experiment with colors that are easy on the eye and the senses, and always go for colors that do not make you feel fatigued after a point in time. Play with colors. It is certainly, the easiest way to calm your senses and make you feel relaxed.

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