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Have Migraine Or Headache? Try These Relaxation Techniques

Almost daily, men and women make a beeline outside the doctor’s chamber who have their unique stories to share and even come loaded with innovative measures of their own to curb the issue. One important thing that you should know before heading for your medical practitioner is learning the art of relaxing. For example, become more mindful of your breathing patterns and adopt some changes at the earliest. Not many are aware that breathing is often disrupted owing to emotional upheavals.

Think of it this way. Some people who become anxious, tend to exert greater control over their breath, and speak in a very high-pitched tone at the time of exhaling. In much the same way, those diagnosed or battling with depression sigh more and speak in a considerably low-pitched voice when they exhale.

Most of these happen quite unconsciously. So if you are keen to master these changes for a relaxed output at first, you must take note of a few exercises as listed below. Before anything else, move into a quiet zone sans distractions. Get into a comfortable position and keep your worries at bay. It’s difficult, no doubt, but what’s the harm trying?

Deep Breathing

Try and concentrate on a spot just below the navel. Now try breathing in there, after you’ve filled your abdomen with air. Once you have allowed filling the air from the abdomen up, try releasing it. It’s akin to deflating a balloon! This needs to be repeated for some time but in a slow pattern. With every long and slow exhalation, you will feel more relaxed.

Rhythmic Breathing

Short and rushed breathing emanates from considerable tension. Try slowing down and take very long and gradual breaths. Continue this process of inhalation and exhalation. Keep the count to five as you inhale and then repeat the same at the time of exhaling.

When this process is in full swing, try and become attentive to your body’s natural process of relaxing. This recognition is vital, and that will propel the relaxation furthermore.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Keep the focus on yourself and your breaths. Inhale and exhale slowly. Now scan your body mentally. Try focusing on any problem zone of your body, like the headache or in any other body part that feels cramped. Now loosen it and release the tension. Keep rotating your head in a circular mode and then your shoulders in a backward and forward position. This will work better if you remember something pleasant. Relaxing will become easy.

Visualized Breathing

Locate a place where you can simply close your eyes, breathe slowly, and keep imagining. Try syncing with your body and how it’s entering a relaxed phase, driving away all the negative energies and tensions. The breathing must be natural.

Try to visualize the breath entering your nostrils, moving inside the lungs, and experience the expansion and contractions of your chest and abdomen. In much the same way, do this when the breath is going out. Each time you repeat this, you’ll feel that your body feels loose and relaxed.

Relaxing With Music

After you’ve focused on your breathing exercises, blend music in the background now. You can select your favorite type that would soothe or calm your nerves down. You might take an avid liking to some audiotapes, which contain few instructions as well. Alternatively, you can choose only instrumentals that would synchronize with the relaxation regime.

Mental Imagery Relaxation

Also termed ‘guided imagery,’ this method is a proven one that instills harmony between the body and the mind. Using mental imagery relaxation techniques, you would be able to build some peaceful, calm, and composed images in your mind that works more like a ‘mental escape.’

You can try and do self-talk, like speaking about what’s the matter with your headaches, migraines. Eradicate negative self-talk and inculcate the habit of bringing about only positive and healthy talk. For instance, ‘Let go of things I can’t control, ‘I feel safe,’ ‘There’s nothing in the world I can’t handle.’

This can be a start to something more meaningful in life. Your doctors and medical specialists will always supervise you after that. But for now, let’s begin with ‘you’ first, and soon, you’d be on your way to starting a whole new life!

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