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Are You Making The Most Out Of Your Weekend? Here Are A Few Tips To Help

From the moment we say “TGIF!” to the moment we open our eyes on Monday morning, most of us use this time to run errands or clean the house, while the lucky ones catch up with the latest Netflix series or hang out with friends. With the arrival of the first day of the week, we are usually greeted with a feeling of astonishment after realizing that our weekend is over, that we have to get up and go to work again.

Did we get anything done then? Were we productive? The weekend is almost 60 hours, and sometimes, we can’t even be bothered to do any of our responsibilities because, after all, aren’t weekends meant for relaxation? But it is possible to find a balance between our weekend obligations and our well-being. Read on and find out how!

Make A Plan

Before you start doing anything, sit down and make a plan. Whether you need to go grocery shopping, watch a movie, hang out with friends, or do your laundry, make a list of all the things that need to be done. When you start your weekend well and get a lot of things checked from your to-do list, then it will help ease your mind as well. You won’t even feel guilty about being unable to do the remaining chores in your list (if there are any left) because you’ve completed most of them. Also, allow just enough time for each task, so you’d have time for yourself, too. The key is to have a balanced plan combining chores and downtime.

Make The Most Of your Schedule

We can’t always have the weekend to ourselves. Many of us need to drive our kids, parents, or even spouses to somewhere they need to be. But don’t let that spoil your plans. If you need to wait for them for a long time, bring along that book that you’ve been meaning to read. If you need to be out for a long time and have to wait for someone to finish their work, then go catch a movie at a nearby theater or get your grocery shopping done meanwhile.

Cut Down Screen Time

Netflix may be entertaining but it’s a big distraction, too. At the end of a Sunday night, you get the fright of your life when you realize that you just have eight hours left before Monday morning and your laundry is not done, the fridge is empty, and your dishes in the sink are stinking up the kitchen. So, keep a designated time for watching your favorite shows or scrolling through social media. Give your eyes a break from the screen. Instead, read a book, have meaningful conversations, cook something – live a little!

If you follow these steps, you will feel at peace with yourself and all your chores will be done come Sunday evening. A restful night of sleep will make your Monday morning better and beat away those blues.

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