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Love Thyself : Have You Done Any Of These Self-Care Treatments Lately?

Lifestyle is the new religion, they say. Hence, this is the best time to talk about another aspect of our modern lifestyle — loving yourself. Often in our quest to get work done faster and to care for others, we forget to give ourselves what we deserve. Think of it: when was the last time you went out and gave yourself a present because of something you achieved? When was the last time you had a blast with your friends? When was the last time you laughed till you had tears in your eyes? Can’t remember? Well, that means you need to take a break from your regular schedule and contemplate on what you are doing for yourself. Giving yourself some TLC is the best thing you can do for your mind and body. Lifestyle coaches and experts have even opined that neglecting your mind and body can even be a latent cause for cancer!

So, here are a few things you can do for yourself once in a while!

Make A List Of Compliments You Got

Compliments work great as motivators. We do get them from our friends, families, and colleagues, but we don’t seem to recall them when we need them most – when we feel low. So here is an idea! Write down and compile every single compliment you’ve received in a notebook. It doesn’t have to be a compliment per se; if it says something about you that warms the cockles of your heart, then it should be included in the notebook. Make sure you include the context and the name of the person who said it, too as that will help you remember it more clearly. Not only will your confidence get a boost when you go through this, it’ll be a treasure trove of good things later on in your life.

Say No To Toxic People and Relationships

One of the best things you can do for yourself is learning to say no for things you don’t want to do as well as to the people whom you don’t get along well with. Sometimes, we can’t say no to people who are close friends or relatives, thinking we might be hurting their feelings. But we forget that we are compromising our own feelings in order to make them feel good. So do yourself a favor this time and say no to parties you don’t want to go, people you don’t want to meet, or alcohol that you don’t want to taste. Put yourself before others and give yourself credit for it, too! Only when you start loving yourself fiercely can you make room for others in your heart!

Take A Break Every Day To Laugh

More often than not, your busy schedule hinders you from having a good time with your best buddies every night, so you might be missing out on the laughs and giggles. But laughing every day can be highly beneficial to your mind and body, so why not take a small break every day just to laugh? No, we are not suggesting you join a laughing club, though that idea is not too bad either! Just a 10-minute break, whether during your work hours or afterward, where you can watch funny YouTube videos or take time to watch America’s Funniest Videos on TV is enough. Reading a funny book counts, too – just make sure it is hilarious!

A Bad-Day Box To Take Away The Blues

Not every day is the same, and it is not right to expect the same but don’t let the bad vibes get to you. One easy way to take away the blues is by creating a bad day box. Remember the song from Sound Of Music –  “Raindrops And Roses”? Well, this box will be full of material things that you can collect which makes you feel jubilant. For example, a music CD that has your favorite numbers, the phone number of a friend whom you can call anytime and share your woes, a bar of your favorite dark chocolate, or a book of silly jokes or poetry – whatever floats your boat. Be prepared for the bad days, and you might not feel so sad then!

Our well-being pertains both our physical and mental health. If we keep neglecting, blaming, and feeling guilty about ourselves and what we do, our mental health might rapidly deteriorate, and no one wants that! So stop worrying too much and love yourself!

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