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How Can Tai Chi Help you Relax and De-Stress?

What is your ideal way to relax? Sit back and watch your favorite Netflix shows or catch up on some much needed sleep? Well, it may work for some of us but it doesn’t allow us to switch off completely. We’d rather try something that will allow us to fully relax and help us recuperate and rejuvenate. It’s like taking mini holidays sitting within the confines of your home. We bet this got you interested and intrigued, right? Is there any way you can bust stress and boost your mood? Yes, there is!

And it is called Tai chi. It is one of the most gentle exercises that helps you relax in the true sense of the word. It’s pretty much like how you may feel after a relaxing yoga session or maybe something more intense such as kickboxing or a run in the park. It is proven by research that a thirty-minute exercise session has the most benefits as it helps release endorphins.
Tai Chi is underrated, and if you have ever seen a group of people moving around gently and gracefully, you’ll know it is Tai Chi — it is like a moving meditation. It provides a complete mind and body movement. Its popularity has picked up since 2018 and it is safe to say that more and more people are trying this practice to switch off and relax in the best way possible.

The age-old practice that has caught on

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art practice that had started 2,000 years ago. Tai Chi was originally regarded as a self-defense practice, more specifically a low-impact practice that involves gentle movements and offers minimal stress on your joints. Though mainly seniors practice it as it is a gentle-on-your-joint workout, it is something that everyone can do.

Is Tai chi any different from yoga?

Tai Chi focuses on including fluid movements and it hails from China. Yoga, on the other hand, focuses on posing and has its roots embedded in the soils of India. The effects of both are similar; both practices help include meditation and deep-breathing techniques and help relieve stress, enhance mood, and improve sleep.

The Importance of Tai Chi in the Modern World

The frenetic pace of the world can sometimes get to you, and you feel pressured and unable to catch up with the many goings-on in your life. In such a case, Tai Chi can help you slow down and work on re-balancing yourself. The most important benefit is it helps clear your mind and bring about a sense of calm and away from the cares and worries of daily life. Just by including the impactful movements, you activate your muscles, improve circulation, and reap many other benefits.

How to Learn Tai chi?

It is now easier to learn Tai Chi more than ever, and what you need is a little prior information. Purchasing a DVD can help and so can getting an online class done. Yes, sometimes it can be confusing because there are so many options for you to explore, so you can research a little and find out a little more about the class you want to attend or sign up for.

Maintain equilibrium with Tai Chi

How your mind perceives stress and how it reacts to it can impact your health and those around you. When you are stressed, you almost hurt yourself physically — it changes your blood chemistry levels and your breathing starts becoming shallow and you hurtle towards negative hormone production and increases your adrenaline levels. Furthermore, it reduces the positive hormones from forming such as endorphins, serotonin, and endostatin. Tai Chi heightens your awareness as it helps not internalize the stress and not make your breathing shallow. Maintain equilibrium and Tai chi helps achieve just that. Breathe slowly, deeply, and move gently; these are the hallmarks of a quintessential Tai chi practice.
Tai chi offers so many other benefits such as, stopping cognitive decline, reduce anxiety and depression, improve cardiovascular fitness, improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, improve COPD symptoms, get better night-time sleep quality, and so many more. It also helps you to live longer.
Try your Tai chi practice today to improve your overall well-being and boost relaxation. Once you truly know how to relax, you’ll get rid of most of your health issues. Trust us on that one!

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