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Four Signs Of Anxiety That You Should Know About!

When it comes to mental health, people who suffer from anxiety have stronger support systems these days as the world has become far more informed on the issue than they used to be just a few decades ago. The public now knows better than to tell people going through panic attacks to simply ‘get over it’, dismissing the complicated and overwhelming situation that the victim is going through. These days, most people know how to help a person suffering from anxiety or an anxiety attack. They know how they’re meant to calm the person down and be there to offer support, and at the very least, acknowledge that the problems they’re going through are very much real. However, while most symptoms of anxiety are pretty clear and undeniable, some of them aren’t. It can be difficult to recognize that you or someone close to you might be suffering from anxiety because not every symptom is known, and that’s what we’re here to help you with.

If you have any of these signs, there’s a chance that you might be suffering from anxiety. Of course, it’s not a basis for you to diagnose yourself but merely pointers. If you happen to relate to any of these signs, you should see a psychiatrist for proper evaluation. When it comes to diagnosis, always trust a professional’s judgment because you, your friends, or your family could give you the wrong advice. With that being said, here are a few subtle signs that you can watch out for:

Having Extreme Existential Crises

It’s normal for everyone to go through an existential crisis every now and then, but most people don’t really think much of it. For them, it’s more of a pondering matter rather than a source of dread. If you find yourself thinking about your own existence in a negative manner, especially in one that makes you feel lonely, miserable, or anxious, this is not how things should be. Chances are you might have anxiety, and you need to seek out professional help. If you find yourself questioning why you’re living your daily life or that nothing really matters, this is something you should seek outside treatment for.

Your Productivity Is Always Low

Some level of mismanagement is tolerable and quite normal. However, if you’re never meeting deadlines and are always upset by the way you’re managing your time, there might be something more sinister affecting you. Not being able to get anything done and being depressed about it means you might actually be suffering from anxiety. While you shouldn’t assume you have anxiety when you’re merely having a lazy day, you should definitely look into the matter if your procrastination is out of control, especially if it’s related to your existential crises. This combination can be a huge red sign that something’s up and that you need help.

You’re Always Feeling Uneasy and Jumpy

If you easily get startled at the slightest noise or interruption, there’s the possibility that anxiety might be behind your heightened responsiveness which causes you to be unnecessarily alert because you tend to feel unsafe at all times. Pay close attention to yourself, and if you really feel like you can’t help but stay jumpy at all times, it’s time that you sought out a therapist for yourself.

You’re Obsessed With Having Everything Perfectly

There’s a huge difference between having an eye for detail and a worrisome obsession with perfection to the point where it’s causing you to feel paranoid about it in every waking moment. If you’re the latter, you have a problem and it might just be anxiety. If you feel like you’re worth less than the people around you just because you couldn’t do a task perfectly, like achieving highly in a test, it’s high time you went on over to a therapist. This is immensely important because your tendency to be perfect will discourage you from visiting the therapist. You need to realize that you need help, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out help from your friends, family, and a professional consultant.

Contrary to your fears and doubts, the people around you will want to help you out if they can. So, if you’re starting to feel like your mental health is at risk of worsening and is affecting your daily life, don’t be afraid to seek help.

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