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Here Are Five Unique Ways To Handle Stress

Stress can be terrible both for your body and mind. We often don’t realize how much harm it can do to us, and we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. However, over a period of time, we start noticing the effects of stress and only then do we decide to address the problem. While it’s normal to be stressed in today’s fast-paced age, there is no doubt that we should also stop and smell the flowers. Walking, exercising, doing yoga, deep breathing – these are some of the most well-known ways of combating stress. If you’ve tried all these and are willing to try something new, we’ve found a few unique ways to relieve yourself of stress. If you’re curious, read on!

Listen To White Noise

If you have kids, you probably do know how white noise lulls babies to sleep. Turns out, it has a sort of calming effect on all of us — not just babies! Next time you are stressed out, try listening to white noise. You won’t even have to spend a dime on it. A little bit of help from Google will do the trick. Often, we are more distracted by external stimuli than by our mental condition. White noise helps us block all that concentration on the task at hand. If that sounds good, try it out!

Talk To Your Grandparents

A pair of loving grandparents is all you need when you feel down, dejected, lost, or unwanted. They bring an instant smile to our faces with their own cheerfulness. Mostly, they are happy because you are calling them, and that happy vibe is quite infectious. Isn’t that a win-win situation – you make them happy and they do the same for you. Also, older and wiser people can talk about life like no other. Their philosophies have stood the test of time, so don’t be shy in pouring your heart out if possible and see if they have any solution for your worries.

Watch Viral Videos

Viral videos go viral for a reason!  They have entertained innumerable people over a short period of time. If you were not one of them, rectify it now. Funny videos can take away your worries for a few minutes and help you laugh which will, in turn, uplift your mood. If your feed doesn’t have any good ones, look for specific websites that have tons of amazingly funny and cute videos. Baby and pet videos are the best though! You’ll be surprised at how light you feel after watching a few of these videos!

Change Your Perspective

This works in two ways. At times of stress, you feel like your worries have reached a huge high, and you can’t seem to concentrate on other things. Right then, think about the bigger picture. Think of yourself in this huge world and then in this universe. You form such a minuscule part of it, right and your troubles are even smaller! Hence, there is no need to give them too much importance. The moment you feel this way, you will see the stress go away and that will help you deal with the situation better. Another way of changing perspective is in your mind. When we think of how we have to wake up at dawn and start working, it is stressful. But if we think about how we GET to wake up at dawn and make breakfast for the family or work on that presentation, things are presented in a better light. We feel privileged of being able to do such things. This simple adjustment in your inner thoughts can bring about a big change.

Start Coloring

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. Invest in some of those and start coloring! It can be therapeutic, and you will see your stress melting away as you color. There are even online apps for adult coloring. But try to stay away from your phone and buy some real coloring books. You will soon get hooked to this and it will be your go-to thing for unwinding!

So the next time you get a truckload of work on your desk or find out about your child doing miserably in school, you know what to do first. Try any of these and see the difference!

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