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Five Meditation Exercises to Help You Relax When You’re Feeling Anxious

We go through many emotions every day — from happiness to depression and everything in between. For most of us, one of those emotions that are hard to shake is anxiety. It’s a state when one feels worried, nervous, and uneasy about an upcoming event or something that has an uncertain result. It is a common emotional state that we experience even on little events like meeting new people, talking to new clients, or presenting a report. And even after going through all that, we still feel bothered unless we know the result.

Getting rid of anxiety may sometimes mean taking a vacation. However, if you are in a situation or lifestyle where going on a trip is impossible or a privilege you can’t afford, then you would need to get yourself in a meditative state. Though this may not completely banish anxiety for good, this may gradually teach you how to control such emotions. Below are techniques you could start with to lessen your anxiety attacks.

Use the Power of Sounds

listening on headphonesMantras are sounds that a person does during meditation; the most common mantra is the use of “OM”. Using a mantra on a troubled mind may distract yourself in a good way; it will divert your thoughts and force you to think about the mantra itself. With this, your mind releases or covers those thoughts that upset you until you gradually feel relaxed and at ease.  Repeating phrases could also be used as mantras; counting backward or uttering positive phrases are few of the many effective options to use. You may also make your own as long as it diverts your thoughts.

Check Your Body

Try to check on how your body feels — determine which of your body parts are tense and try to relax them. Release the tensions on those body parts because as long as it exists, it will only get worse. Letting go of tension will make you feel like your body part is slowly detaching — as if you’re losing the heavy load you’re carrying. Apply light massages on those parts and stretch them a little. You could also do some facial exercises to release the tension on your face. By doing this, you will not only relax your mind but also your body.

Put Your Mind On Vacation

beachIf it’s impossible for you to take a plane and leave the situation immediately, you could take advantage of your imagination. Take deep breaths and try taking yourself on a vacation through your mind, and as you do, keep breathing in and out. This method is effective, especially to those who consider vacations as their stress relievers. You can also accompany your imagination with the calming sound of that area to make it even more effective. So if your dream vacation is sunbathing in Hawaii, play the sound of the waves crashing along the shore, and imagine yourself in the island, lying on the sand and feeling the warm, sunny weather hitting your face.

Convince Yourself

This works like mantra. However, with this method, you just don’t repeat phrases but you make a conversation within. Talk to yourself about the matter; you are confident, things will get better, there is nothing to worry, or that whatever the result would be, it will bring you something better. Start a good conversation with yourself — don’t mind your surroundings or the negative things that are giving you anxiety, focus on your inner thoughts, talk to your mind, and calm yourself down.

Make Breathing Your Relaxing Agent

man meditatingBreathing is the handiest yet one of the most reliable meditation exercises that can release anxiety. You have your breath intact with you. If you choose this method to be your relaxing exercise, you would have to look for a spot where you could be at peace. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, and make sure that you release your breath slowly. Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and then slowly release. The purpose of trying to release it slowly is because when you take deep breaths and release your breath fast, it will only make you feel tenser.

Stress is part of life, and no matter how hard we avoid it, we come across it or have to deal with it, one way or another. And when we feel stressed, other negative emotions follow like anxiety. And anxiety is an inner battle that no one can conquer but your own self. Try these meditation exercises and you’ll be surprised to find out you are slowly eliminating feelings of anxiety.

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