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Five Incredible Ingredients to Add to Your Bath for a Relaxing Day!

There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in a bath after a hectic day where you add bubbles and candles to have the picture of calm. But bath-time is not only for relaxation. It can also help promote better circulation and relax your muscles to make you sleep better and recover from your intense workouts.

Bathing also increases mindfulness and breaks up the congestion from common colds and allergies. The key to making the most of your bathing time is using the right ingredients. However, you may be wondering which products to use and which one will work for you? Well, you don’t have to worry as we have the right ingredients to help you concoct the perfect bath.


If oatmeal enjoys a prominent fixture in your breakfast, then you can use it for other purposes too, like adding it to your bath. Oatmeal can help provide great relief for dry skin, sunburn, rashes, and other everyday skin irritation because of its healthy fat content. Oats also contain natural cleansers that stop your pores from getting clogged and keep your skin free from impurities and proteins that help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Combine oatmeal with hot water (one to two cups), add honey to it, and add it to your running water.


Lavender has a potent stress-relieving capacity. It packs a punch in its heavenly smell and it gets you more relaxed and refreshed. A lavender-infused bath can soothe you and help you get rid of stress.  In ancient times, it worked as a great hack to treat acne, itching, and irritation, as it soothes and detoxifies the skin. Put around six to eight drops of lavender essential oil into running water. You can also combine it with milk or Epsom salts, this helps disperse off the oil more efficiently.

Essential Oils

Herbal scents have been in the reckoning for thousands of years and it is most suitable for both cosmetic purposes and also to elevate your mood. The stress-soothing benefits are far and many, changing based on the kind of essential oils you use.

Rosemary helps improve circulation and lifts spirits, peppermint has several anti-inflammatory benefits and can also relieve PMS symptoms, and eucalyptus oil helps relieve muscle and joint pain, and is particularly effective for helping with fighting off viruses and cold. Ylang-ylang is another essential oil that can combat depression, and more. When you use essential oils, you have got to remember one thing, just five to eight drops may help avoid irritation and help increase sensitivity, so you do not have to pour more to make it more potent.

Epsom Salt

Another incredible bath-time ingredient that offers myriad benefits. It is a compound that combines magnesium and sulfate. Just dissolve it in warm water and let your skin absorb the salts. Your magnesium levels may start depleting in the body when you are feeling stressed.

Just add some Epsom into your bath after a tiring day and you will immediately feel the pain and inflammation ebbing away, and will also help relieve sore muscles. Just soak one to two tablespoons of Epsom Salt and sink into the bath, and imagine your worldly worries going away for good. Try this hack at least three times a week. Also, for added moisture add coconut oil or olive oil.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the best kitchen ingredients that boast some major benefits outside your kitchen and into your bath too. Also known as sodium bicarbonate, this household item is particularly effective as it is a natural exfoliator that sloughs off the dark areas of your knees, elbows, and keeps your heels soft and smooth. All you need is to mix four to five tablespoon of baking soda, soak it in a warm bath, and dissolve it before sliding into your bath, forgetting the world around you for at least 10-20 minutes.

These bath ingredients are inexpensive and most of them are easily available on your kitchen shelves. Forget expensive bath salts that promise you the earth all the while making a deep hole in your pocket. A luxurious bath is the perfect me-time that everyone needs. Put on some relaxing music and soak into the goodness of these magical ingredients. What can be more relaxing than that? Frankly, we can’t think of anything else!

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