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Five Easy Relaxation Exercises For Busy People

BUSY – a four-letter word that can describe your whole week, even making you forget what day it is. Between being a model employee and/or a great parent at home, there seems to be not enough time that you can’t even afford to take a deep breath and enjoy life. Your hectic schedule can hardly give you time to relax. But did you know that you don’t need too much time to relax? Here are a few relaxation tips that can be done in 5 minutes or so.


happiness relaxation peace joyBreathing exercises can be done very easily. It is also proven to be effective when you feel anxious or are in rage. To do this, find a comfortable position. Sit upright and make sure your feet are planted on the ground. Rest your hands on your thighs and close your eyes. Clear your mind. Start listening to your own breathing. Take a deep breath. Focus on your breathing pattern — the way you inhale and exhale. Do it as normally as you can. Don’t rush your breathing and take your time.


A clear mind will always relax you and put you in a good mood, especially when you are constantly engaged in decision making. To meditate, just like a breathing exercise, find a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe deeply in a rhythmic pattern.  Slowly shift your attention to how your feet feel in the soles of your shoes. Don’t overthink it — just feel it. Slowly move your attention to the other part of your body. Again, you need not describe or judge it; just engage in how it feels, taking a mental note of the sensation. Do this until you have scanned your whole body. Engage in this meditation at your desk five minutes every day and you will, no doubt, feel the difference.


handAside from our brain, our hands often get busy with the work we have to do. You exert too much effort that it can be overwhelming. So, give your hands a break, and invest in a stress ball. Squeeze the stress ball during breaks or even when your hand is free. A stress ball is a portable way to relieve tension. Hand massage is another way of relieving tension. An instant hand massage can also ease a pounding heart. To do this, apply your favorite lotion and start kneading your hand. Its effect is instant.


Do a little yoga even when you are in the office. Yoga is proven and tested to relieve stress. So, try to engage in a 5-minute yoga exercise. Look for a short sequence work yoga that you feel comfortable doing. You can start by sitting flat on the floor. Stretch and straighten your body. Revolve your shoulders alternately in both directions. Rotate your neck and move your eyes.  Do this in a span of five minutes with an interval.


squatsDo you sit all day from 9 to 5? Sitting for long hours is proven to be dangerous for our health. If you don’t move enough, it will lead to the poor circulation of blood throughout your body. So move your body and engage in a 5-minute desk exercise.

Follow these routines exercises:

a. For desk push-up, do push against the desk with 6 reps. For chair knee lifts, sit on your chair then slowly push your leg up and straighten your knee. Do it on the other leg for 6 reps.

b. Do the chair mountain climbers by starting in a plank position on your desk. Place both your hands on your desk to stabilize yourself. Slowly pull your right knee upwards towards your chest and quickly switch to your left knee and do the same. Make 6 reps.

c. Next, do the prisoner squats. Stand with legs slightly apart. Place your hands at the back pf your head with elbows pulled back and your chest lifted. Lower down your knee in sitting position with your back straight in 6 reps.

d. Lastly, do the chair dips. Sit on your chair with an armrest. Be sure to keep your back and shoulders straight. Slowly push your body of the chair and hold for 1 second and repeat 6 times.

Putting your health as a number priority is very essential. And no matter how busy you are, you can surely pencil in 5 minutes on your calendar. A simple exercise can relax you instantly.

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