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Five Best Relaxing Swimming Pools in Las Vegas That You Should Check Out in 2020

The City of Lights, Las Vegas, has a formidable reputation for being the Gambling Capital of the United States. However, that comprises a tiny aspect of the true charm and appeal of the region. Las Vegas has plenty of opportunities in store for stress-busting, and one of the most popular among them is the relaxing swimming pools. There is no shortage of swimming pools in the vicinity, and most of them are highly impressive. Here are some of the best swimming pools for relaxation, fun, and enjoyment you should check out this 2020.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

One of the most recognizable venues in the whole of Las Vegas, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino also boasts of one of the most beautiful pools in the city. There is a lazy river for guests to enjoy while they rejuvenate themselves with world-class poolside massages and a delectable offering of dishes on the menu.

If you are in party mode and want to do away with stress at the pool, you must check out the Wet Republic, the main swimming pool of MGM that is coincidentally one of the busiest spots in Las Vegas during the summer. The pool boys and girls employed by the hotel are also excellent eye candy since a lot of them are models.

The Palazzo Las Vegas

Las Vegas does not lack “adults only” swimming pools, but the Azure at The Palazzo is one of the best. Since there are no kids, guests find it relaxing to kick back and enjoy the elegant décor and luxurious ambiance. You can enjoy a nice dip in the swimming pool and pamper yourself with generous servings of fruity cocktails, frozen grapes, and fantastic food prepared by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. If you do not want to meet with the partiers, you can choose the main pool or the family-friendly pool. The Italian-themed garden accents surrounding the pool adds to the the beauty of the placea. You can expect tons of additional amenities when dipping your feet in this world-class pool.

The Palms Resort And Casino

The swimming pool at the Palms Resort, located off the Strip, is two pools that are spread across an area of almost two acres. The site is famous for playing host to the Ditch Fridays Summer Party series along with various events such as Midsummer Lingerie Carnival costume gala. After all, there is nothing more enjoyable than watching sexy women in body paint and lingerie strut across the poolside.

Although there are four pools in the pool complex, you can maintain a safe distance from the loud and boisterous pool scene by choosing the quieter and the more relaxing pool, which is exclusively available to guests staying at the Palms Tower.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is a must-visit whenever you’re in Las Vegas not just for the grand casino and the mind-blowing performances but also for the vast swimming area aptly titled The Garden of the Gods. This is one of the top luxury hotels in Las Vegas that featured in the 2009 Hollywood comedy film The Hangover. There are six pools overall featuring something for everyone. The décor of the spot features iconic Roman columns and sculptures and creates an otherworldly sensation as you soak in the swimming pool. You should pay a visit to the remote Venus pool at Caesars Palace, that is open only for adults. This is undoubtedly the most relaxing of all the six pools.

The Aria

The Liquid at Aria is the best spot in Las Vegas if you wish to get some peace and relaxation without forgoing the whole club experience. The swimming pool is enclosed on the lap of the city and provides a more personal experience due to the smaller area. The overall experience feels akin to a lounge rather than a day club.

That’s something we are sure the guests love about this place. After you take a swim, you can sip on cucumber lemonades and sway to the heady music. You might even book a private cabana if you wish to watch some television by the swimming pool.

While you compare the swimming pools in Las Vegas, it is imperative to take into consideration various factors, such as which pools provide private access to guests, which ones are kid-friendly, and which pools have a quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

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