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The Essentials For a Spa Like Bath and Ultimate Relaxation!

A spa-like bath is sometimes just the solution you are looking for after a hectic week, a demanding day or when you feel like you are in desperate need of some pampering and TLC. Showers are for getting clean, but a bath is meant to be a luxurious experience for relaxation and rejuvenation. Here you can gather some expert tips on how to pull together the best bath you’ve ever had – all in the comfort of your own home! Of course, you don’t need to use all the tips at once, but why not! Just spoil yourself because you deserve it!

Squeaky Clean

So the very first thing you need to do is make sure everything is clean and tidy. You won’t feel like tidying up or cleaning when all you really need is a relaxing bath, but a tidy space free from clutter and dirt is essential to the most relaxing bath. After all, you don’t want to finish off a relaxing bath only to step onto a dusty floor and have hair sticking to your feet. So, give your bath and the bathroom itself a wipe down with some bathroom cleaner and a good sweep. If you can manage it, mop as well. Make sure your bedroom is clean, too, or wherever you will continue your unwinding after your bath.

Gather Your Supplies

There are a couple of things that you will need to pull off this wonderful bath. The idea of this bath is that it is going to be rather long and luxurious, so you need some beverages to keep you hydrated. Have water at hand and something cold and delicious. Try not to have anything alcoholic, as having alcohol in a bathtub could be dangerous! Of course, the decision is yours. Also, have a dry towel on hand to wipe your hands or face as you may need it. If you are a person who needs to feel productive even during times of rest, have your laptop or tablet at hand so that you can watch some videos or play music. A good book is a good idea as well. If you would enjoy it, have a tray of snacks available to munch on, like chocolates, mixed nuts, and fruit, or any other finger food of choice.

Create the Atmosphere

Spending some time to get the mood just right for the most relaxing bath will certainly reward you in the end. Collect all the candles you own and place them in the bathroom, or if you don’t have any candles, dim the lights right down and create a warm, mellow atmosphere instantly. Complete the vibe with some really chilled music playing softly in the background. Switch off all your phones and make sure there aren’t any noisy appliances interrupting the mood. Scented candles or some incense is a great idea to get the place smelling amazing, but if you are using products that smell good already, there’s no need!

Speaking of Products…

The bath products you choose for the ultimate spa-like relaxing bath need to be sensual, soothing and moisturizing. Go shopping for a few products that you know you will love. If you want refreshing, look for cucumber, aloe and mint tones, or if you are after sensual, look for spicy, cinnamon and sandalwood bath products. If you just want to feel special, jasmine, rose or patchouli is great. T double up on relaxation, choose chamomile or lavender. Find products that will moisturize your skin as you soak in the water. Also, invest in a great big box of Epsom salts because nothing relieves sore and tired muscles quite like an Epsom salt bath! Don’t forget that a few drops of essential oil go a long way! In fact, just a cup of Epsom salt and 10 drops of your favorite combination of essential oils is the bare minimum you will need for a phenomenal aromatherapy bath. You could even throw in a dollop of body lotion or body oil in the water in a pinch for moisturizing!

With everything that we’ve mentioned, you can have the most fabulous bath you can think of, and it will be better than any bath you could have at the spa because it’s completely catered for your specific preferences! After your amazing bath, wrap yourself up in a soft, fluffy robe and just chill out! Make sure you have nothing planned for after your bath because you will be so relaxed that you won’t want to wind yourself up all over again!

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