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Easy Hacks That Can Make Your Child Actually Relax!

Relaxation and mindfulness techniques are not just an adult’s domain, your children need to relax too. But how to make your kids feel more energetic and quench their eager minds while helping them to relax?

Including regular relaxation techniques can make your child think more clearly and be more mindful about the tasks they do and relax purposefully.

Muscle Relaxing Techniques

Make your child lie down comfortably as you make them relax each body part. Start with your toes and feet, and ask your child to tense and scrunch up each of their muscles, before relaxing them out and gradually release the tension. Continue to work on each part of their legs, arms, and shoulders, tense each part in turn, and then let go of the tension.

You can encourage your kids to laugh themselves silly by contorting their face muscles, and then encourage them to relax. Give your older children a minute or two extra while you concentrate on their breathing, and slowly breathe in and out. At the end of practice get up and wiggle your toes, fingers, and the rest it out and relax.

A Calming Visualization

Visualization is one of the best ways to relax. Just lie down on the bed with your child, and ask them to imagine lying on a comfortable beach towel, as you all listen to the sea. While they listen, make them imagine the squawking of seagulls, the sound of children playing, and waves crashing to the shore. Ensure they feel the sand between their toes and fingers, and imagine the caressing of the sea breeze kissing their face and swaying their hair.

Make them imagine eating big ice cream, and feel the cold dessert against your tongue. This powerful visualization will help ebb away the daily stresses and give your child an extra moment to relax. While this can be about the beach, there may be other things they can imagine, like being in a green field with trees all around you like the hot fingers of the sun touching their face.

Make Your Children Listen to Sounds

Sounds play a very important part in creating an atmosphere of mindfulness. Calming sounds can make the wind blow through the trees, with serene music playing in the background. Many relaxing sounds can help with relaxation. It can even be music classes, where you listen to different types of sounds. Different children react to various types of music in their unique ways. You can always try this at the home to understand the various nuances of different types of music.

Make Relaxation a Priority

If you try to prioritize something, it will happen to you. Some schools include meditation and have seen great results. So, there are various ways of including mindfulness in our children’s lives, and one of the best ways to include that is by trying regular exercise.

Whether it is for children or adults, you must always include exercise in your child’s routine to make them feel better and more relaxed.  For children, some activities work great, such as bike-walking, bike-riding, outdoor play, and various group sports. Encourage kids to write or draw. It can be really helpful if you make them write things that are bothering them. Younger children can benefit by drawing various things, it is the best way to express themselves. It is important to let your feelings out as you invite your child, to talk, laugh, cry or express anger in this fashion.

Include Quiet Time

Some children can get great benefits by keeping a quiet time and space especially when they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Create a dedicated calm space at home where they can relax with a favorite book, stuffed animal, or toy and can help children reduce the stressful times and prevent a meltdown. And you may find a corner for them where they can steal calm moments away from the busiest places in your home and make it their very own comfortable haven with blankets, pillows, and soft diffused light.

Most children may feel stressed and not express what they are feeling inside. It is important to make them feel relaxed from time to time by including these easy-to-follow hacks. This way they will feel calm, relaxed, happy, and will be able to combat stressful situations.

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