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Can A Social Media Detox Actually Help You Relax?

Social media user numbers are growing by the day. An average person can spend at least 1 hour and 40 minutes per day looking at their social media sites. Are you spending more time than that? Well, then it is time to detox over the weekend or during a vacation? Here are some ways that detoxing can help you take a break from social media.

Break Free From the Constant Comparison Cycle

Most people who are on social media are constantly comparing themselves to the ones they are watching. It can make a big impact on your social esteem. Just knowing about different people falling in love, marrying, or having babies can make you feel less than adequate, especially if you are single. It may even make you feel lonely. So, stop scrolling and take a break from social media. Disconnect to reconnect with the wonderful things happening in life instead of getting worried about things you have no control over and shouldn’t bother you.

Boost Your Mood

Studies show that the more you spend time on social media sites, the more likely you will develop depression. Also, the amount of time you spend on these sites may be directly related to how stressed or how happy you are feeling. Especially if you are feeling stressed out, anxious, or depressed, now is the time to plan a social media detox. You may feel weird at first, but you start feeling a lot better when you disconnect from various social media sites.

Start Getting Back to Real World

Do you connect well with others online but feel like you never want to connect in person? It is interesting to note that people who feel lonely or isolated are the ones who spend the most time on social media. They may also suffer from a weakened immune system. This holds especially true of introverts, but then it is important to connect in-person with human contact.

However, the good news to note here, even if you are an introvert or feel uncomfortable, you can boost your mood as you go out in public. You can take a break from the virtual world as you go to your favorite part or restaurant or even to a movie or a concert. Try meeting up with friends who are like-minded individuals, and you will immediately start feeling better as you meet them.

The Art of Living in the Moment

Posting everything you are experiencing in your real life can make you feel too invested in what is happening in the virtual world than what is happening in the real world. You start feeling that you need to update everything, all the life events happening in your life on social media, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

And if someone does not like your post enough or drops in a suitable comment, you feel downright depressed. There are better ways of documenting your life. Also, you concentrate so much on the things happening in life and document them on social media that you alienate yourself to some of the life-defining moments. Your experiences then become extremely low quality and may not become as memorable as you thought them to be.

Put That Phone Down and Exercise

Sometimes you end up spending so much time on social media that you stop doing the things that matter in your life. Such as exercising or simply catching up with your reading or cleaning your home. Try to snatch some quality moments in yourself and regain your life back. This will further improve the quality of life. Instead of scrolling your social media feeds, you can do some things that are beneficial for your mental and physical health, such as walking for 30 minutes every day. You will feel less stressed and more relaxed. You can also make your house more orderly.

While we are trying hard to relax by watching our favorite shows on the OTT platform or scrolling our Instagram feed, we can’t stop ourselves from feeling tired and wired. Instead, we can put our phones down, go out and reconnect with the real world. You will feel better, more focussed, and infinitely more relaxed. So, are you ready to detox from social media and experience life beyond the gadgets?

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