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Can Colors Help You Relax? Well, Studies Suggest They Do!

We are all battling numerous stressors in life, and the need to relax and unwind is becoming a reason for stress. Most of us would have Alexa or Siri play some soothing music in the background as we settle down for a few calming minutes every day.

However, the constant notifications from the app could add to your stress too! So, is there a more subtle and non-technology related way to relax? Well, studies point at a yes!

Color psychology has been a popular area of study for a few decades now. While it is a popular concept in marketing psychology, research is being done to find other ways in which color affects a person. One such finding suggests that certain hues can help you relax while a few additions to your stress levels.

If you want to relax and do not know where to start, this could be the ideal beginning. You could include more of these five relaxing colors in your everyday life to ensure you feel more relaxed and calm!

Sky Blue

Research evidence shows that blue color helps you relax and reduces your stress significantly. While most people would opt for white for a calming effect, studies show that hues of blue have a more calming effect on the brain than white. And they say the time your brain takes to relax when around blue light is decreased by three folds.

Ever wondered how looking at the morning sky makes you feel relaxed? That’s probably because of the same reason. Don’t believe us? Well, the next time you are feeling enraged or under pressure, try to stare at something blue.

You could either paint your walls blue or stare at the big wide sky! And you would notice your stress getting washed away into thin air in no time!


Well, this shade my take you by surprise because most people associate grey with feeling low and sad. However, studies suggest that it could help you calm and relax. Our mind associates the shades of grey with the dark clouds of a rainy day, and who doesn’t enjoy watching the rain. So, if you want to choose a color for your bedroom, you know which shade to pick!


Green is another color that you could use to help you relax. And incorporating this is easier and possible in more than one way in your everyday life. Our mind associates the color green with freshness, fertility, harmony, growth, and safety. So, it is no surprise that our mind loves this hue! All you need to do is get some plants for your home.

You do not need a huge place for that as desk plants can work their wonders too. You can set them up at your work stations and the fresh air you get, and the wonderful sight you soak in will help you relax too.


White is the most obvious choice when it comes to a relaxation color. You could stare at it for hours and let it have its therapeutic effects on you. White color works wonders because it helps you focus on nothing but yourself and your thoughts.

It helps you zone out from your stress and relaxes. And the best part is, you don’t have to look too far and too hard to find this color in your everyday life. Probably even a sheet a paper could come in handy if you desperately need something in white and don’t know where to look!


Pink is a popular choice among psychologists to calm their subjects. There is a hue called the drunk-tank pink that is popular in the prisons as it is used to calm the inmates. No wonder pink is often the color we associate with romance, love, charm, and comfort.

It leaves your mind with a sense of security and belonging. Every time you fall in love with someone, and you see this huge, it makes you think of them.

You could have your comforters and night clothes in this shade to bring this color into your life. However, if you do not want to do that, you could opt for painting one of the walls in your room pink. Alternatively, you could also try to bring in some pink roses to your room every day, which will not just make the ambiance better, but will also add to the aroma of the room!

So, why not surround yourself with these colors to feel more calm and relaxed every day? Do share this with your friends who would benefit from this offbeat relaxation secret!

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