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Breaking the Ice: Why And How To Talk To Your Son About Men’s Health Issues?

As a loving father, did you ever have an open discussion with your dad regarding health issues? In all probability, the answer is NO. A national survey recorded that 62% of fathers nowadays wish their own father had been more friendly and uninhibited about discussing health issues. Some of the fathers, who responded with a negative, said that the reason behind avoiding conversations on health issues with their kids is an embarrassment. Some were found totally ignorant since their own fathers never cared to discuss anything about this. Some said they can’t find the right time, and some cited traditions as a reason to avoid all sorts of health-related discussions.

Physicians suggest that a father should buck up, and start talking about men’s health issues with their sons as health awareness should come at an early age. If you haven’t yet started an honest discussion with your son, you are probably lagging behind most American fathers. Here’s why:

Are You A Part Of The Change Yet?

More recently, another survey was conducted among 500 adult males, who were all fathers themselves. 70% of the total people surveyed said that their respective families were open and candid while discussing health issues. Some said that they were totally oblivious to the track record of their family’s health and wouldn’t have known anything had they not paid a visit to the family doctor.

The survey proved that today’s fathers are realizing the importance of talking about health issues with their sons more than ever before. 80% of the respondents said that they have had a thorough check-up in the last year, whereas going to the doctor on a regular basis was thoroughly recommended by about 62%. If you are still not discussing men’s health problems with your son, you are probably not a part of the majority.

Let’s Break The Silence

Many American parents think that it’s better to stay silent than to cause the family a needless concern or worry. So, they refrain from discussing any health problems with their own family members. In the long run, this attitude may put the health of your family in jeopardy. For example, some teenagers freak out when they first see blood in their urine but they prefer to keep it a secret.

When things get worse, they consult a doctor and come to know that they are suffering from some medical condition that needed immediate medical attention. Just think about it! If it would have been taken care of at the right time, it would have been diagnosed and cured. Do you think discussing certain words are taboo? Your son’s health is more important, isn’t it? Get your priorities set.

Ignorance Is NOT Bliss  

If you want to prevent cancer and other life-threatening diseases at all costs, you should be aware of your family health history first. You must discuss it with your kids, too. Discussing the medical issues that your family or you faced with your son is of paramount importance. For example, prostate or colon cancer is somewhat genetic and one or many members of the family might inherit the disease.

If any of your family members had been diagnosed with the disease previously, it’s important that your son have a thorough check-up at the right age before it gets worse. On the other hand, testicular cancer can affect a male right from the age of 15. Teaching your son to do a self-examination can be a way to prevent this disease as 98% of cases are cured when treated at an early stage.

Take Him To The Doctor Regularly

A boy usually prefers his own mother to his father while discussing family health history. They might also choose their father figures over their biological fathers. However, every young man should also develop a friendly relationship with their family doctors. The doctor will help your son and mentor him in all situations and definitely make sure that proper diagnosis, screenings, and tests are done at the right time.

Always remember that talking about health and medical issues with your son is equivalent to discussing with him the importance of being financially responsible, or the importance of life. Yes, it takes a lot of guts and determination. But keep in mind that this whole thing is for the benefit of your own child. As a father, do not compromise with your son’s health, ever.

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