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Bored Of City Life? Here Are Four Tips For A Relaxing Walk

A few things in life are as good as strolling leisurely on leaf-strewn paths or through a lush wood. If you reside or work in a city, this becomes a distant dream as all you get for daily walking are concrete sidewalks. If you are in the hope that taking a walk will soothe you down, you will be highly disappointed. A number of studies have revealed that strolling down the streets is comparatively less soothing than hiking in nature. However, that doesn’t imply people living in the city would get deprived of the opportunity of receiving the mental benefits that are associated with walking. So, what are the steps that can make urban walking a delight as well as rejuvenating?

Find A Green Place If Possible

Whenever you get the opportunity, find a park, a boulevard lined with trees, or a trail by the river to walk. According to plenty of surveys that have been conducted to date, spending close to 15 minutes in a green pocket of your city can help you combat stress and perk you up. That will almost be similar to a mental trip around the countryside. In a randomized trial, patients suffering from heart diseases took walks for 30 minutes every day for seven days, either along a busy street or a city park. It was noted that both groups derived a sea of benefits from this brisk walk. However, the park walkers displayed major reductions in diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, as well as a boost the levels of tolerance to exercise.

Choose Your Time And Place

In case you are busy dodging cars during your break from work, you must be mentally alert. Even though it can be a protective response in a risky situation, it can also be considered as the reverse of relaxation. You need to find out if there exist a few ways you could actually reschedule your time-table to boost your psychological comfort and physical safety. For instance, if you prefer taking a walk during your lunch hour rather than going out among the noon-time crowd, you can delay your lunch till 1:00 PM.

Try To Slow Down

City life is known for its fast pace and that gets reflected in the speed of people and moving objects. In an experiment conducted in the Czech Republic, volunteers were instructed to have a walk through a fixed route through a city. They displayed an inclination to walk at a faster pace through areas which have no or less greenery and more traffic in comparison to areas which are greener and have less traffic. This showed that walking down a city street gave them a feeling that they need to hurry through the entire route. This kind of walking is less relaxing and less beneficial. You need to make a conscious decision to bring down your walking pace a little bit, for which choosing an area for walking is important.

Take The Sensations Into Consideration

The hustle and bustle of the city, the blinking lights, honking horns, as well as a smelly alley can be a bit too heavy on your senses and might be too unpleasant for you to handle. Hence, you need to be somewhat alert while handling such situations. A perfect idea is to take note of whatever experience you had as you become aware of it without allowing it to overwhelm you. To adjust yourself to this, take some time out to assess how your legs and feet are reacting as you continue with your walk. Never attempt to block out the other sensations that you might have.

Try To See From The Angle Of A Videographer

Once you have calmed down, slowly and steadily direct your awareness to what has been happening around you. Take note of your surroundings without evaluating things beyond limits. That can be quite a tough thing to do. By imagining yourself as a videographer, you can record each and every experience that comes your way and that, too, without editing. Even if you block the surrounding sounds through earphones, there is a limit to the magnitude of sound you can block from reaching your ears.

There’s no better way than to take a relaxing walk to get rid of the boredom that marks city life. Do not lose your patience and always stick to a walking routine to wind down after a hard day of work, or maybe in the morning.

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