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A Better You: Five Relaxation Techniques You Can Practice Every Day

Most people have the misconception that practicing relaxation techniques is only for people who are usually under a lot of pressure or suffer from anxiety. Truth is, we all face situations in our lives when we get annoyed or irritated and often take a wrong step at that time because our minds are simply not functioning right. If you think you are immune to all that, think again. When was the last time you were in a situation when your heart was pounding hard, your muscles were clenched, and you were outraged? Not too many days ago? Then you definitely need to know about relaxation techniques. Not only does it help us combat stressful situations but also help us to stay stress-free in our everyday life. Here are some very easy and popular techniques that can be practiced every day for just a few minutes. If you can do that, you will yield amazing results, too!

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation has become immensely popular in recent times. In this kind of meditation, the main goal is not to think about the past or future and concentrate only on the present. You can think about your emotions and thoughts only at the present. It can range from 10 to 30 minutes every day depending on the amount of time you are ready to spend on it. Don’t try to eliminate outside noise, and be aware of it instead. The birds chirping, the sound of a car, people talking — take everything into account. Another key aspect of this meditation is the fact that you have to be non-judgemental. You need to think of yourself as someone you are viewing from outside your body, neither with attachment nor with criticism.

Guided Imagery

This is a great way to soothe your mind just before a big presentation or a big meeting. In your mind, you need to conjure up images of places, things, or people who help you relax. More importantly, you need to think of images that you have a personal connection with. This kind of technique can help people with negative thoughts. Think of yourself in a positive light and try to visualize it in your mind. However, those who are not good at eliminating intrusive thoughts or can’t visualize images too well might not be able to use this technique at all!

Breathing Techniques

We all know how deep breathing techniques can help us both physically and mentally. It is a great way to shift focus to the breathing instead of dwelling on negative thoughts. One can do it by taking deep breathes and exhaling very slowly. There are several variations where you should be breathing in and out only through your nose or breathing through your nose and breathing out through your mouth. But let’s say the easiest way is to just concentrate on the breathing when your mind is preoccupied with how you are breathing; there is no way you can put other thoughts in there. This technique frees your mind from all the negative emotions and feelings that you presently have. However, this method might not be good for people with cardiovascular or respiratory problems.

Body Scan

The body scan is another great technique that can help you relax. This technique will require you to focus on your breathing as well as muscle relaxation. Start with deep breathing techniques and then slowly start concentrating on parts of your body one at a time. When you concentrate on certain areas, try to relax the muscles mentally if there is any tension. If you have undergone recent surgery or suffer from negative body images, this technique might not be for you. Otherwise, this is a great technique to increase the connection between mind and body.

Repetitive Prayer

Prayer beads are probably used by all religions. The purpose of these beads is for repetitive prayer rituals. But aside from religious purposes, it can also help in relaxing. If you are a deeply spiritual person, repetitive prayer is the best option for your relaxation. The idea is to chant a short prayer or just a phrase from the prayer repetitively over and over again.

Try any of these kinds of techniques to find out which one suits you best. Of course, if none of them works out, you should join a yoga class, tai-chi, or qigong! All of these methods can have a calming effect on us and can be good for our health, too!

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